Report 3/5/18

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Report 3/5/18

Post by subeditor » Thu May 03, 2018 2:52 pm

Hi everyone with the great conditions lately there has been plenty of opportunity to get offshore and catch a few reef fish.

Over the last few days the reports have been very good with some nice fish being caught. The slasher group of reefs seem to be the place to be in terms of coral trout catches which quality fish to be found around the pressure points throughout the area. Closer in shore on the shoals there were good reports of both red emperor and nannygai with squid bait working well. However if you can get your hands on some are pinkies, these fish are the natural bait fish on these shoaly areas and make the perfect bait both dead or alive. It is well worth sending out a floating pilchard in these areas as there have been good reports of Spanish mackerel on the shoals in recent week. Trolling hard body lures has also been working well lately with the Zerek Speed Donkey and the humble 190 laser pro both accounting for good mackerel recently.
On the bait patches there have been a few reports of small billfish starting to show up with fish around the 3 to 4kg mark at the moment. These fish grow very fast so let’s hope the baitfish school grow and the billy’s stick around for a great season ahead.

Bay and Inshore
The bay continues to produce the odd quality grunter around West point and Red Rock Bay just inside the Cape. As we head into May we should start to see some big Spanish mackerel start to show up around the Cape. Slow trolled baits work best in this area. The fingermark reports have slowed a little but there are sure to be plenty of good fish around the usual spots. It is also worth a mention of the number of golden trevally working along the strand rock walls with very good fish being caught off the Strand Jetty in recent weeks.
Chantal and James love fishing and had a heap of fun catching and releasing this bat fish recently.
TownsBat3518.jpg (12.49 KiB) Viewed 950 times
Creeks & Rivers
Hinchinbrook channel has been fishing well lately with plenty of good barra being caught in the area in recent days. The mud drains seem to be the place to target at the moment. There has been a whisper of good whiting starting to show up in many of the creeks in the Burdekin area with both Philips landing and Plantation reporting good catches of elbow slappers in recent weeks. These fish are not like they once were they don’t seem to hang around for very long these days
Brice Jr, William, Ben & Hunter had plenty of excitement managing to get this Threadfin Salmon while casting for prawns at Pallarenda Beach recently.
TownsThread3518.jpeg (30.22 KiB) Viewed 950 times
Tia had a great day out fishing Alligator Creek with her dad and granddad landing this nice bream.
TownsBream3518.jpg (22.91 KiB) Viewed 950 times
Not much to report on the weirs but as usual the lead up to the moons is often the best time to hit the freshwater dams and weirs with the full in particular the peak time.
The sooty grunters have been on the chew lately in most of the smaller tributaries running off the Herbert River with small minnow and surface lures working well. Two lures worth a mention come from Jackson, the RA Popper and the Trout Tune both working very well of late.

There have been some superb conditions in the last few days the wind has dropped out and given the majority of Spearo’s the opportunity to push out to their favourite spots and bag a few quality fish.
The visibility on the closer reefs was still a tad hazy but more than enough to smack a few quality fish. Boats reported vis ranging from 8-10M locally but even better if you ventured north with that increasing to 10-15m.
I was surprised to see a few decent Red Emperors this early in the year, fish around the 6kg were up in the 15-20m mark in numbers of 2-3 at a time. The odd SM has been seen getting about as well with multiple boats getting at least one or two each in the last couple of days. If this trend continues we should have a fantastic winter.
With winter on our door step, get yourself into tackle works and grab a 3mm wetsuit, we have a large range of suits in all sizes perfect for our local conditions. Having a proper fitting wetsuit that keeps you warm, will not only make you’re diving more comfortable but it will also increase efficiency.
If you are heading out in the coming week as always dive safe and never take more than you need.

Danny, Cam & the Tackle World Team
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