Report 10/5/18

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Report 10/5/18

Post by subeditor » Thu May 10, 2018 4:08 pm

Hi everyone it looks like the winds might increase slightly over the weekend so if you are heading out make sure you check the latest forecast.

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
From all reports there has been some nice mud crabs around lately with plenty of quality bucks filling pots from Townsville creeks all the way to the Burdekin with both Ocean and Plantation creeks crabbing particularly well in recent weeks. Also in the Burdekin area there has been good catches of whiting and flathead reported from Alva Beach with freshly pumped yabbies’ the best bait for these fish. It is also great to hear that there has been a few larger yellowfin bream starting to show up in catches with fish around the 1 kg mark a welcome sight for most inshore anglers. Fresh prawns, mullet slabs and chicken breast are the prime baits for these fish.
With the cold snap predicted early next week the barra might switch off however if there are any fish looking for a feed you are probably most likely to find them up in the shallows were the water should be warmer.
Jaysin fished the bay landing this nice slatey bream.
TownsSlatey10518.jpg (9.17 KiB) Viewed 1071 times
Bay and Inshore
The weekend tides look quite good for chasing a few grunter around the usual locations like West Point, Red Rock Bay, Horseshoe Bay and Bowling Green Bay just to name a few. With the new moon early next week they should start to feed up over the flats during the dark nights. Fresh squid baits and small live garfish (if you can catch some) are ideal baits for the larger 60 to 70cm fish. It is also when worth investing in a bait-runner reel when chasing big grunter as they can be very flighty at times and any tension on the line can often see them become uninterested in your bait. I guess they don’t get to 70cm by being careless.
If the weather allows there should be plenty of fingermark willing to take a live bait around the Cape over the dark moon phase. With live squid top of the list it just depends on the weather.
Benji loves his fishing and had a ball recently catching this nice flathead.
TownsFlatty10518.jpg (11 KiB) Viewed 1071 times
Dan finally cracked it on his last trip to the Haughton River landing this very nice barra.
TownsBarra10518.jpg (7.54 KiB) Viewed 1071 times
For those that have managed to get out on the reef the fishing has been quite good with the guys from Northern Conquest catching plenty of quality coral trout in recent weeks. With the cool snap expected the mackerel should start to work their way into the bay. Fingers crossed we see heaps of school mackerel in the bay this year. Floating pilchards through a good berley slick is a great way to get a feed of school mackerel. Another great option is casting and retrieving metal slices around the shipping pylons and current lines in and around Maggie Island.

With the new moon early next week we should see a little more activity in the weirs with fizzers and poppers working well late afternoons and early mornings. With the dark nights try to use surface lures that attract a lot of attention through vibrations and sound rather than the visual triggers you might use on a full moon. Still plenty of sooty grunter and jungle perch in the smaller freshwater streams off the Herbert lately.

Spearfishing this week has been somewhat quiet with limited reports of vessels getting out recently. The weather has again plagued divers preventing the majority of trailer boats from venturing too far.
Today and Friday this week are shaping up to be ok so we should start to hear some better reports with the cooler weather and reasonable tides.
Away from home, Tackle World customer Brendon (pictured) had a great time with friends when they took a charter off Gladstone recently. There were plenty of smiles, plenty of fish and heaps of fun had by all accounts and some quality diving in a remote part of the reef.
The dates for the QLD titles and NQBI are set and this year is shaping up to be one of the best. Preparation for these comps is a must, ensuring your gear is up to scratch and setup correctly this includes all rigging and consumables. Tackle World Townsville is the region’s largest supplier of spearfishing equipment, so make sure you drop in to check out our range and get your gear sorted.
If you are heading out over the next couple of days, remember dive safe and never take more than you need.

Danny, Cam & the Tackle World Team
Tackle World Townsville (07 4725 1266)
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