Report 30/11/18

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Report 30/11/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:36 pm

Hi everyone with the extreme heat and the stormy weather the creeks and rivers should really start to fired up. In particular the Jacks really love this sort of weather so they should be right on the chew.

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
The rain should get the bait moving and many of the creeks and rivers should fish quite well with good jacks willing to take lures and soft plastics, especially a well presented prawn imitation, worked around drains and banks holding good structure. On high tide, it’s important to fish deep back into the timber, so rigging your plastics with a weedless hook will give you the confidence to pitch one right back where you need to be.
It will also be well worth throwing in some pots with just about enough rain to push the crabs out of their holes. The flats around the mouths of the systems should produce crabs over the next few days.
Jaemon with a nice flathead he landed on light tackle near the Cleveland Bay lighthouse.
TownsFlat301119.jpg (29.22 KiB) Viewed 833 times
Geoff caught this queenfish while fishing off one of our local beaches.
TownsQueen301119.jpg (6.95 KiB) Viewed 833 times
Last week we started seeing the Barra’s in the freshwater reaches of the Ross River start to really fire, especially at night time during the full moon. Big paddle tail soft plastics are a great option, varying the speed of your retrieve is the key to working for the bite.

The heat wave has made for tough sweet water fishing. The sooties and JP’s have been found to be schooling and biting better in the deeper pools where the water tends to be slightly cooler. A bit of rain always freshens things up.

Offshore & Bay
Once again the bay still continues to produce good fingermark with vibes and soft plastics jigged around the Shipping Pylons and areas around Cape Cleveland and throughout Halifax Bay. Surprisingly there have been good numbers of doggie mackerel still about. Finding the bait and trolling small hard bodies is the trick, and don’t be afraid to drop the wire and go for a mono leader to increase your chances of attracting a bite out of, the sometimes, finicky mackerel.
Sonny with and nice coral trout caught on a trip to one of his favourite reefs.
TownsTrout301119.jpg (9.6 KiB) Viewed 833 times

The water temp is rising and with that a lot of the bigger target species have moved into deeper water (20m +). There were still a few divers who managed to record decent catches of trout and RTE in relative shallow water. The very last of the Spanish schools are moving about still and with a bit of luck and hitting the usual spots Spearo’s can still get one or two.
With the water temp into the 30’s it’s very important to be aware of our surrounds, it’s essential now that you cover up face to toe as the very real risk of Marine Stingers is ever present, a Rashy or 1.5mm wetsuit is sufficient. Remember all, if you are heading out, be careful, look out for one another and never take more than you need.
Cheers Cam

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