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Report 7/12/18

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:14 pm
by subeditor
Hi everyone the weather this weekend will be heavily dependent on what happens with the low. At this stage it looks like keeping most of the fishing inshore with strong winds forecast.

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
The creeks and rivers have been producing some exceptional fishing lately with the Jacks the fish of the moment with good fish willing to take everything from dead to live baits and hard and soft lures. Another fish that has been playing the game lately is the fingermark with some nice fish caught in recent days around the mouths of many of the creeks running into Cleveland and Bowling Green Bay. Live green back herring are the go to bait for these fish they just can’t resist them. One thing about Fingermark they tend to spook really easy so if you drop one they will switch off and the bite will be over.

The little bit of rain should stir the crab up with good crab around before the rain right up the creeks if this rain continues it should start to push them further out into the main arms of the creeks and rivers.
TownsJack71218_2.jpeg (28.23 KiB) Viewed 3708 times
Craig and Tane hit the creeks recently landing a bunch of Jacks like this pair held up by Craig and this nice fish with Tane.
TownsJack71218_1.jpeg (46.29 KiB) Viewed 3708 times
The rain and heat are both starting to fire up the weir barra with good sessions reported in recent weeks. The new moon this weekend probably want have much bearing anyway with the overcast conditions the late afternoon and early mornings should produce some nice fish. Large paddle tail soft plastics are the lures doing most of the damage with the Happy Rocks Big Willies, Castaic Jerky J Swims and Keitech Sing Impact Fat Shads all proving very effective this time of year.

Remember if you are fishing the Weirs in Ross River you will need a SIPs Permit.

Offshore & Bay
With the conditions forecast this weekend up around the 25 knots there isn’t much chance of getting offshore so it might be a good weekend to get out and get some Christmas shopping done. Don’t forget we currently have our Christmas Catalogue Sale on now with heaps of great fishing, spearfishing and clothing products on sale.
At this point fingers crossed the winds might drop out next week and make way for some great offshore fishing.
Wazza fished around Maggie recently catching this nice Grassy Sweetlip.
TownsGrassy71218.jpg (16.72 KiB) Viewed 3708 times

Not much to report this week with the weather conditions. Hopefully next week there will be a window of weather to get out and chase a few fish. Once again remember with the water temp into the 30’s it’s very important to be aware of our surrounds, it’s essential now that you cover up face to toe as the very real risk of Marine Stingers is ever present, a Rashy or 1.5mm wetsuit is sufficient. Remember all, if you are heading out, be careful, look out for one another and never take more than you need.

Danny & the Tackle World Team
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