Report Saturday 05 May 07

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Report Saturday 05 May 07

Post by Brad » Sat May 05, 2007 6:22 pm

The northern beaches have been producing some nice whiting and flathead with the mouth of cattle creek producing some very nice flathead recently on soft plastics and lightly weighted strip baits.

The calmer conditions and hotter days earlier in the week brought on the barra with reports of good fish coming from Haughton, Morrissey and the Barrattas creeks. They are still taking good size live mullet and a few blokes have had exceptional luck trolling lures with the Richo extractors and Gaden F18s manta rays accounting for some quality barra recently.
The mangrove jacks and grunter have also been playing the game with reports of quality jacks and grunter coming from the mouth of Crocky.
The crabs have been a bit quieter this week however there has still been the odd report of a feed getting caught. There were some good catches of prawns late last week prior to the full moon with the Boat ramp in town going off and the Haughton has been producing good prawn in patches.

Some good grunter have also shown up around the capes recently with Cape Cleveland, Bowling Green and Upstart all producing quality fish.
The shipping channel is also fishing quite well for grunter, salmon and the odd school mackerel at the moment. Balgal shoals have also been producing the odd grunter and school mackerel. Out a little wider on the shoals wide off Cape Cleveland, behind Maggie and the 12 mile off Alva Beach have been producing some quality Spanish mackerel with wolf herring, slimey mackerel, garfish and sauries all trolled at around 6 to 8 knots doing the job. The marlin were a little quite on the weekend with little to report. The calm conditions last weekend resulted in quite a lot of boats getting offshore for a bottom bash and the biggest news was the calibre of coral trout with 3kg fish not uncommon. There also been some good catches of red emperor and nannygai on cuttlefish head for those with secret marks otherwise they have been a little patchy overall. It’s heading into a good time for Reds. It’s around this time of the year when the larger fish start to show up a little closer to the coast with good catches often taken on the shallower shoals.

It a hard one this week with the weather pattern the way it is at present if the high shifts up slightly the winds might drop out (finger crossed) but if that doesn’t happen then I would chase a few flathead flicking soft plastics around the sand flats and gutters on the falling tide.
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