Report 23rd Sept 05

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Report 23rd Sept 05

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 23, 2005 2:17 pm

September has been kind

The weather has been kind to us north Queenslanders so far this month and the fishing has also been particularly good. The football hasn’t been bad either - hopefully even better after Saturday. “Go Cowboys!”

Salamander Reef and the Palm Island Group have been producing some very nice Spanish mackerel over the last few weeks. The fish have been particularly responsive to trolled wolf herring. I have enclosed a photo of a horse of a mackerel. It was taken recently trolling wolf herring around Havana Island, and it went 28kg.

The reef has also been fishing particularly well with good catches of coral trout, red emperor and red throat emperor being reported regularly. If you sometimes find it hard to keep your bait on the hook when chasing big reds (red emperor) try using cuttlefish heads. They are a lot tougher than squid and make great bait for these fish. I have more success on this bait than any other, by a mile.
The bays and creeks are also starting to produce some nice fish. The grunters are staring to show up in good numbers and there are some good quality fish amongst them. If you can find a shelly substrate then this is a good area to start fishing for these fish, as they do like to feed in these areas. Large prawns, bottle squid and the humble poddy mullet fillet work well on these fish. I rate grunter (javelin fish) as one of my favourites when it comes to the dinner table.
With the temperature of the water starting to rise, so to is the frequency of barra catches. I would suggest that large live prawns are still proving to be more consistent, however, as we get into October the live mullet and lures will start to result in more quality catches. Reports of good fingermark have also increased. These fish respond well to live squid, deep trolled lures and jigged soft plastics. All these techniques work well so don’t be afraid to mix and match the different methods if one isn’t working on the day.
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