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Report Fri 29 Jun 07

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 29, 2007 7:20 am

If you like your bream fishing and soft plastics are your go then the Lakes, is the place at the moment with plenty of big bream getting caught over the last couple of weeks. All the beaches have been producing some exceptional Bream (yellow fin), whiting and flathead. With the Haughton Beach front and sand flats producing plenty of elbow slapping whiting, bream all over 40cm and plenty of large flathead with many over 70cm so be careful to release the big breading female flathead unharmed. The size limit on these fish is a minimum of 40cm and maximum of 70cm with a bag limit of 5. Soft plastics have been working wonders on these fish also. This time of the year the slender profiles seem to be the most popular, maybe its something to do with what they are feeding on.

It was pretty cold and miserable last week but despite those conditions there were still some good reports of whiting, flathead and bream from Phillips landing and Plantation creeks. Morreseys seemed to shut down a little with no barra reported and the Jacks where also very quite. However the pikey bream are there in good numbers along with the blue salmon. Most of the creeks have been producing bream and salmon recently.

There seems to be a lot of grunter around also however most seem to be just undersize with the odd fish over the 30cm size limit. Not to worry the grunter fishing always tends to improve in the latter part of the year with September and October probably the peak. With all the small ones around one would expect another good year for quality grunter. Sandy Fly Creek is still producing good whiting with yabbies and peeled prawn the pick of the baits.

I haven’t had any offshore reports due to the winds however I would expect that to change this weekend, if the synoptic charts are correct I wouldn’t be surprised to see it glassing out this weekend. But do check the latest forecast as these charts do change quickly. This time of year there should be plenty of reds on the closer shoals and the Spanish mackerel should be everywhere. I have had reports of some very nice Spanish mackerel caught around Cape Cleveland with the best being around the 28kg mark. Big wolf herring seem to be the key to this area. Cape Upstart and the 12mile off Alva Beach were producing a few fish during the most recent calm weather so I would expect those spots to of improved over recent weeks. The Palm Islands and Bramble Reef area have also been producing some exceptional Spanish mackerel.

There has been some reports of school mackerel around the Shipping Pylons and West Point, but don’t be surprised it you catch a few barracuda in the same areas. There seems to be plenty of them around also at the moment. Just remember where you are in the bay as there are a few yellow zones and it is easy to forget that you can only use one line per person in these areas. It can be tempting to float out a pilchard and fish the bottom at the same time, using more than one line. I have heard of a few people getting caught recently doing just that.

The tides and weather look ideal for chasing a few Spanish mackerel. Cape Cleveland should produce some very good fish this weekend on trolled wolf herring. The change off the top of the tide in the morning looks the pick.
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