Weekly report 28 Sep 07

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Weekly report 28 Sep 07

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:20 pm

Ross River and the bridges and rock walls in and around Townsville have been producing a few good barra lately with lures and soft plastics working best during the early morning late afternoon bite.

The word on the street is that the barra are everywhere with plenty of fish in all the snags with most being small fish "rats" with the odd quality barra amongst them. The better fish seem to be a little deeper so make sure the "Koolabung" Prawn lure is perfect for chasing barra around snags. Creeks from Hinchinbrook right though to the Burdekin have been producing barra and mangrove jacks lately. The water temperatures are starting to really heat up and so to the appetites of the barra and jacks. There have still been some reports of good grunter and I would expect the Cape Bowling Green spit to fire up on the next dark moon phase (just watch the green zone in the area). The reports on mud crabs have been a little patchy with some indicating very good catches of mud crabs and others reporting only undersize and female crabs. Those
that have been catching good numbers are keeping tight lipped about their whereabouts; however one thing that seems to be consistent is the use of roo bones as bait.

There have been a few reports of school mackerel around the West point and Burdekin Rock area lately with reports suggesting that the numbers are the highest in the area so far this year. It seems to be a little late but it has been a strange year with many fish species turning up in unusual places and at odd times of the year. The finger mark are also starting to show up with some very good reports recently coming from the back of Magnetic Island, Cape Cleveland and in particular some exceptional catches from Cape Upstart. Live squid is often recognized as the most productive bait when chasing finger mark but during the daylight hours is very difficult to catch squid and it is during this time when soft plastics vertically jigged over structure come in to there own.

Les Youman Skipper of SV Turning Point has been getting stuck into the fish lately with good catches of red throat emperor coming from a number of reefs with the Slasher Group producing some exceptional catches. He feels that they might be spawning and suggested that they seem to be concentrated on the top of some rises around the slasher reefs. The small mouth nannygai have been a little patchy but if you find them they tend to be schooled up in good numbers. The red emperor and large mouth nannygai have been a little light on however a couple of quality fish a night is quite common at the moment. The coral trout numbers have improved and they have had some good sessions on coral
trout but one thing about coral trout that is vital is the importance of anchoring correctly taking into consideration the pressure points on a bommie and the manner in which coral trout feed. Les from SV Boat Charters has recently written a good article on this in the latest Bush and Beach publication.

The conditions look great on the water tomorrow morning with the water heating up and the tides look ideal for flicking a few lures and soft plastics around the rocky headland The Cape and the Islands are likely spots for the odd barra and fingermark, don't be surprised if you catch the a few trevally and queenfish also. Sunday get ready for the big game Sunday night; bring back the Sunday afternoon Grand final.
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