Weekly Report 5 Oct 07

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Weekly Report 5 Oct 07

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:33 am

Pallarenda Beach has been producing some exceptional queensfish lately with garfish being the preferred bait. The lakes around Fairfield waters are loaded with tarpon, great fun on light gear.

The big golden grunter has shown up at Cape Bowling Green Spit with some 80cm plus fish being caught recently. Most fish are around the 60-65cm mark with the odd bigger fish amongst them. Grunter don't have a bag limit but please reframe from "killing the pig" take only what you need for a feed, these fish are in the area at this time of year to spawn. Also remember to keep clear of the green zone in the area. The little bit of rain we had earlier in the week might get a few crabs moving but time will only tell as the reports to date have been very patchy. Bohle River, Haughton River, Morrissey and Barratta creeks have been producing quite a few barra and mangrove jacks with some very good jacks caught in the last couple of days from the southern creeks. The lead up to the moons, full or new seem to bring on the better quality mangrove jacks so with the New moon on Thursday 11th over the this weekend and into next week I would expect the quality of Jacks and Barra to improve.

The reports from last week where very promising with quite a lot of successful offshore trips with Coral Trout, Red Throat, Nannygai and Red Emperor making up some very good catches. The Red Throat emperor, have really fired up recently with some reports recently of blokes bagging out in a couple of hours fishing. However despite the good weather forecast for this weekend and into next week these fish will be off limits with the 1st of the three nine day "Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures" starting at Midnight tonight (5th October through until Saturday 13th October inclusive) with Sunday 14th being the next day you can take any reef fish. If you are not sure of the dates of the next two closures come in and pick up our latest free tide chart. The dates have been shaded in for easy use. This time of year many of the hard core Marlin fishers head to pith ton banks near Myrmidon (outside the green zone) on the edge of the continental shelf. If you were hiding under a rock this week you may not have heard of the 1100lb Black Marlin caught in this area last Sunday the first ever south of Cairns. There seems to be a good bite on in this area at the moment, and I am sure there will be plenty of boats out there this weekend.

Reports of school mackerel have continued from last week, with West point and Burdekin Rock area still the most likely spots. The key seems to be getting your baits and lures down deep, close to the bottom. The "Salty Devil" lure is a strange looking lure but I can assure you that it is particularly deadly on the smaller mackerels like school, spotted and grey mackerels. Next time you are in ask the guys to show you them. There also was some exceptional catches of Barra on soft plastics around the rock headlands last weekend and this time of the year most of the rock walls and headlands should produce barra. The fingermark have continued to improve with the Bun at Cape Upstart really starting to turn it on recently with live and fresh whole squid being the preferred bait. The tides, calm winds and the dark moon phase all look perfect for chasing big fingermark over the coming week.

As mentioned above the conditions look perfect for chasing that illusive fingermark over the next 5 to 6 days. An hour either side of the high or low tides during the night when the tidal flow slows down is likely to be the peak bite time this weekend. So get you live squid early in the night and set yourself up around Cape Cleveland, Cape Upstart or the back of Magnetic Island for the peak bite time, and hang on.

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