Weekly Report 16 Nov 07

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Weekly Report 16 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:51 pm

The strong winds have really shut down any fishing on the exposed beaches the only land based reports I have had is the capture of a few 50cm Mangrove Jacks on the freshwater side of Aplins weir. There has also been a few accidental captures of Big Barra in this area also, which have been quickly released unharmed.

Morrissey, Haughton and the Barratta systems have been producing some very good fingermark recently. There is a lot of herring at the mouths of these creeks and rivers so it isn't that hard to get bait, however sometimes that isn't always a good thing if its easy for you to get bait most of the time its easier for the fish to fill up also. There has been the odd report of schools of Threadfin Salmon popping up in some of
the southern creeks and bay creeks. These fish are great fighting fish. Although they are not as common around these parts as their cousin the bue salmon their eating quality if much better in my opinion. Threadfin salmon are partial to big live prawns, so if you can get you hands on some of these try fishing the mouth of a good bait gutter on the falling tide. The Bohle seems to be full of bait at the moment which can only result in the fishing also being quite good. There have been reports of some nice fingermark being caught there early this week. A few reports also suggest that there are quite a few nice whiting in the Bohle also at the moment. The tarpon continue to give light tackle sports fishers plenty of fun on small lures. With the little bit of rain around there has been a few reports of crabs and that should only improve if the rain continues. They seem to be in greater numbers closer to the creeks mouths with Crocodile, Alligator creeks and the Haughton River all likely spots.

The strong winds have put the squeeze on this section of my report. However I do have a report from Les the skipper of SV Turning Point:
On their last few trips they managed to track down plenty of nannygai so the warm water doesn't seem to have scared them off completely. John Brewer reef and between Keeper and Grub reefs have been the best by far for Nannygai. The coral trout seem a bit scarce except at Arab reef where they have been both big and plentiful. Les also fished the slashers, Grub and Davies reef for trout with minimal success. The top of the Slashers as well as Arab, have been producing some exception rRed throat emperor. They also fished wide of Faraday just before the closure, the current was a little strong for bottom fishing but there was plenty of pelagic action with quite a few big spanish mackerel, wahoo, dolphin fish and both yellow fin and dogtooth tuna up to 20kgs in the area.

The threadfin salmon don't seem to hang around these parts for that long and November is probably one of the better months to chase them so this weekend with the strong winds forecast the offshore fishing scene will be quite uncomfortable so why not try fishing the mouth of a good bait gutter with large live prawn, and you might just get a chance at landing a quality threadfin salmon.
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