Weekly Report 22 Nov 07

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Weekly Report 22 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 22, 2007 1:51 pm

Reports have been limited this week with the strong winds, however I have heard of the odd Queenfish and Blue Salmon being caught along Pallarenda Beach.

Most of the creeks have been a little on the ordinary side over the last week or so but hears hoping that will change this weekend with the tides making towards the Full moon on Sunday. The most common report is the number of small grunter and cods around which can only be good in the near future, the grunter around these parts has really picked up over the last couple of year which is great to see, they are one of the best eating fish in the ocean if you ask me. Once again Morrissey, Haughton and the Barratta systems seem to be the place for fingermark and as reported last week the herring are still reasonably thick around the mouths of these creeks. There also seems to be quite a lot of smallish poddy mullet around also. A few Threadfin Salmon have been reported also with Morrissey and Crocodile creeks the most likely spots. There has also been the odd report of some quality black bream being caught also. With the forecast of maybe a thunderstorm this weekend if the rain does come down then this just might be the thing needed to get the crabs and prawns on the move.

There is little to report due to strong winds this week however prior to that and with the weather looking good this weekend particularly in the mornings the reefs of Lucinda, Rib Brambles and Trunk should be producing some exceptional Spanish mackerel fishing. This area seems to be were a lot of these fish are caught during the months of October and November. They tend to be more responsive to garfish rather that wolf hearing in this area also, unlike the fish closure to the coast during the cooler months. If the thunderstorms do show up then this would be an ideal time to cast poppers around Salamander Reef for big Queenfish and Trevally, there is something about the drop in the Barometer that seems to really fire these fish up around the area this time of year.

As mentioned above if the thunderstorms show up then Salamander reef would be my pick for a ton of fun, otherwise trolling a few rigged garfish around Trunk Reef (yellow zone) would also be on the cards for a few of those freight train Spanish mackerel.
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