Weekly Report 24 Apr 09

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Weekly Report 24 Apr 09

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:08 pm

The strand fishing jetty has been producing some exceptional fishing on soft plastics with big schools of trevally reported in the area early this week. The weirs in the Ross River have also been fishing quite well with live baits working best, with some nice barra caught lately. The red claw catches have been improving with Peter Faust Dam and the Burdekin Dams producing some nice feeds. Tinaroo Dam hasn’t been producing as well in term of numbers but one thing that can be said about Tinaroo is that everything is monster size including the Barra. On a recent trip to Tinaroo over the Easter Period I saw the biggest barra I have ever seen by a long shot, this fish would have to off been close to 40kg however unfortunately it was floating dead on the surface. It appeared to of only recently died and hopefully it has sunk by now or some skier or knee boarder might come a cropper if they hit it.

There are a lot of small prawns around in the creeks at the moment and it is still well worth throwing in a crab pot or two. It has been quite a good year for barra and jacks with plenty of fish being caught in most of the local creeks and rivers. Cattle creek has been producing some very nice jacks and some quality barra in recent weeks. The Haughton, Morrissey and Baratta systems are also producing some nice fish on lures and DOA prawn soft plastics. The Hinchinbrook channel has been firing lately with reports of some once in a life time lure casting sessions with up to 80 fish in a few days, granted most are rats barra but there have been some nice ones amongst them. There were some nice whiting caught just before Easter although they seem to have slowed up a little with the best catches in recent days coming from the Northern Beaches area while the Burdekin has also been producing some nice catches of whiting and the odd quality flathead. The grunter numbers are ok put the consistency isn’t there yet with catches being pretty patchy at the moment.

I don’t know what it is about cyclones but ever since cyclone “Hamish” the Read Throat Emperor have been everywhere with most boats catching there limits in no time. To the extent where it has been hard to catch any Coral trout because of the number of Red throat getting to the bait first, to quote Seinfeld “not that there is anything wrong with that”. The coral trout that have been caught have been monsters and big bait seems to be the key to keeping a bait on the bottom long enough for the lazy trout to get it of a Red Throat. The Red emperor and Large Mouth Nannygai have also been consistent with squid and cuttlefish heads working a treat. Another great sign has been the small run of Spanish mackerel with a few being caught around the headlands trolling baits and on the reef the mackerel have been taking a liking to a floated live Fusilier. There have been a few reports of school mackerel in the Bay. Floating pilchards in a nice burley slick or casting metal slices seem to be producing the best results. Before Easter there were a few reports of fingermark caught around Cape Cleveland and the back of Maggie but they seem to have gone a little quite.

Last week saw us do a couple of 12 hour day trips as well as our usual 24 hour trip on Friday night, both 12 hour trips were quite successful thanks to plenty of Spanish Mackerel and Nannygai making my job easy. The only difference on the 24 hour trip was the greater variety of species mainly due to the extra time to fish more areas - more Coral trout and Sweetlip (Red throat, Spangled and Long nose) were caught as well as a few Red emperor and a couple of big Cod. Recent trips have continued the good run of Red throat emperor that all have been enjoying, plenty of Red emperors have still been coming onboard but the Nannygai especially large mouth went off the bite late in the week although we still managed to find some DUMB and HUNGRY fish to give us some fast and furious action. Trout still fished well but we did hit a few slow areas at times but the abundant Red throat and Spangled filled in these gaps.

Spanish Mackerel have arrived in good number especially on the wrecks and close shoals, on one recent trips we were fishing one of the closer wrecks and every bait dropped to the bottom got taken by a Nannygai or one of the many species of trevally and any surface bait that was cast out (mostly pilchards) got nailed by some fast moving Spaniards. Quite often they got taken as soon as they hit the water or after only a few quick jerks of the bait. Very exciting!!!

This years Predators tournament should be exciting for all onboard as I intend to go all out to ensure you all have the best opportunity to get a couple of fish to take to the weigh in. We will be chasing big REDS, Xos G.T's and super sized Coral trout and many other species. The Mackerel are already here so I expect plenty of them will be coming onboard and hopefully a couple will be big enough to bring a tear of jealousy to all that watch you get help to lift them up to the weigh station!! Plenty of other great trips coming up or we can make one to suit so if you want to get amongst some great fishing please give Cliff a ring
Cheers Les Youman, Skipper, MV "Sir Reel"

The reef and shoals are firing at the moment and if the isobars continue to widen the winds should drop right out (finger crossed). If this happens then there is probably no better place to be than out on the reef catching a few Red Throat Emperor and Coral Trout.

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