Weekly Report 21 May 09

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Weekly Report 21 May 09

Post by Brad » Thu May 21, 2009 5:54 pm

Best reports have come from close to town this week, particularly from Rowe’s Bay and Pallarenda. Anglers chasing whiting, bream and grunter said these species were easy to find when portions of prawn were sent into a rising tide off the beach. To the surprise of many, good size barra have been taking surface lures around kissing point. No doubt a challenge when using light gear targeting Flathead and Whiting. It’s this time of year when it’s worth your while chasing some live yabbies to target these winter species. The flats at the mouth of Ross River hold good yabby beds and can easily be collected using a yabby pump. Consistent reports are still flowing in from the Northern Beaches more so for species such as grunter, salmon and flathead. With the superb weather this week the bite should only get better.

The winds have finally dropped off but it seems some couldn’t resist the urge to troll a few lures up the creek. The Haughton and Morrissey’s really fired during the week with good barra close to the metre mark hitting the carpet. The cooler weather hasn’t stopped lure enthusiasts either with reports of half a dozen barra and numerous Jacks per session common, and anglers preferring to use the Koolabung Razorback. It may have something to do with the size of the lure coming into winter. I’ve heard that 80cm grunter have started showing up at the mouths of some of the Burdekin’s smaller creeks. It seems everything is coming together all at once this year, from Mackerel, barra, whiting and now grunter.

With the winds down and weather fine I would imagine there would be a lot of boats out fishing as we speak. Bramble Reef has been fishing well on the western shallows for coral trout and sweetlip, with whole pilchard ganged proving to hard to resist. Some have opted to throw poppers up on the shallows for GT’s and are also getting slammed by other tropical species such as Mackerel and big red bass. Red Bass pull hard and give nothing. Although protected and contain ciguatera they are still awesome fun. The Palms seem to be holding the best numbers of spanish mackerel at the moment, with most pressure points making it easy to locate big schools. Although trolling lures and gars are proving very effective, I prefer to crank slices at high speed. They absolutely slam lures hard and often scare the living daylights out of you. You never know what you may catch with slices too, it leaves a bit more mystery to the challenge. Maggie Shoals is another spot firing for mackerel at the moment, with the most popular method drifting pilchards amongst a berley trail. Nannygai and red emperor are coming closer to shore with the cooler weather, with many finding good numbers on reasonably flat country.

No report due to weather conditions.

With the glorious weather upon us of late I can’t go past suggesting a trip to the Palm Island Group. This time of year the mackerel notoriously school up and are relatively easy to find. Plus it’s a beautiful part of the world with so much to explore. Options are endless, try trolling lures, throw slices, bottom fish or simply drift pilchards. Most pressure points hold fish but keep an eye out for bait schools, as where there is bait the big fish won’t be too far away. I would be concentrating my fishing towards the early high tide and fish the run out for mackerel. With the new moon approaching this is mackerel prime time.

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