Weekly Report 28 May 09

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Weekly Report 28 May 09

Post by Brad » Thu May 28, 2009 9:19 pm

The most impressive report of land based fishing comes from a good friend of mine. Over the weekend he managed to hook over 50 barra close to Pallarenda with many being legal. He also mentioned the capture of over 20 flathead in the mix as well. It goes to show you don’t need to travel far and be on a boat to find quality fish. He did mention that finding the bait was crucial in locating these ambush predators and using small minnows to ‘match the hatch’ most productive. Other reports of massive whiting up 450mm long are being snared on live yabbies on the flats off Cungulla. Sessions pulling 50 whiting the norm on most occasions, but they were only keeping enough for a feed. Doggy Mackerel are still being caught off the strand jetty and rock pool, particularly on small minnows and slices. I have heard of another Spanish mackerel that was caught off the rock pool in recent times on drifted Pilchard. Proof in the pudding that you never know if you never go!

With the good weather many still limited themselves to fishing the creeks and weed beds close by. Excellent reports of Barra caught over the weekend with anglers saying they are still willing to take fish baits. Best creeks seemed to be most of the creeks in Cleveland Bay. Keep in mind Barra can still be caught during the winter months with a change in tactics and baits the key. Live prawns are very productive and a favourite with anglers in the know. Lure enthusiasts were finding Barra very cooperative in the Hinchinbrook channel over the weekend on lures both casting and trolling. I would especially like to mention the capture of a 1.25m specimen trolled up at a secret location in the channel. The weed beds off Alligator creek have been fishing quite well at the moment. With previous years deemed as dismal for mackerel, recent reports show that signs are good for 2009. Locals tell me the doggies have moved in but there are mass schools of 2-3kg trevally wrestling for baits too. Although lots of fun, it can be frustrating to many targeting mackerel.

Last weekend many took the opportunity to get out wide and enjoy the good weather. Bait schools are holding close to Magnetic Island and are drawing many species to feed. Tuna, mackerel and lots of sharks the majority, with drifted pilchards and live baits lethal. Some good Spanish mackerel are being trolled up on lures out on the Maggie shoals, and reports of better size nannygai seem to have moved in with the cooler weather. Best reports came from the reefs though, with trouts biting their heads off during the day and consistent catches of red emperor and nannygai by night. Grub reef was mentioned a million times on channel 22 over the weekend with many saying the trout bite was the best that they have ever seen. I guess the positive about the windy weather is that the reefs see less recreational fishing pressure, which means more fish and fun when it does settle.

A couple of great trips last weekend with Friday night a cracker with a new boat record taken for overall numbers. A great mixed bag of small and large mouth nannygai, red throat, red emperor and green job fish. The jobbies have really been adding some excitement to the night fishing with above average size and numbers being the norm of late Coral trout again are prolific with the cooler change over the last two weeks really bringing them on the chew One of our trips a week ago producing the biggest day we have ever had on the trout. Due to the weather we stayed tucked up close and travelled a total of half a nautical mile from bommie to bommie and found the fishing incredible with every trout under 45cms released due to the number of big ones boated. It must be remembered when seeing fish in these numbers that with 20 guys on board the number represents well under bag limit regulations. In fact we had to keep moving at times so that we did not bag out This weekend will see us south fishing in around Broad Hurst reef. The fishing there has been very exciting of late and can expect trout in particular being very strong. We will also visit on the way back one of our very favourite spots aptly named the Hellhole. Recently we have been getting great large mouth, Emperors and Cobia from this area. It is the type of ground where the biggest dwell and every hook-up can be something different. The other benefit of this area is we will have a following sea coming home making our journey all the more pleasant. Limited spots available on Friday and Saturday’s trips at a reduced price. Cheers Eddie Giles (Skipper MV “Sir Reel) 0428 745 388

Once again the high has brought the South East breeze upon us and this will limit where to fish this weekend. With the slow tides I would flick a few lures around local creeks as the Barra gang up in the snags around these tides. Or hit the flats as the higher low tide should keep the Whiting and Flathead on the flats throughout the day. Spots like Salmon Creek and Morrissey’s may be worth a shot.

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