Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

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Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:58 pm

Odd school mackerel can still be caught from areas like the rock pool and strand jetty. Small minnow lures seem to be more effective than metal slices, but I would never rule out the old slice. Small pike barracuda are in plague proportions off the rock pool as well. These guys are great fun on light tackle and will absolutely smash small minnows and soft plastics. If you’re a lure novice, it’s a great time to get some practice in as barracuda are always a willing participant. The lakes are still producing some of the best bream I have seen this year. Although soft plastics are getting good bites with occasional hook ups, nothing beats a piece of small fresh slab bait or peeled prawn. Tarpon are thick down there as well and with the big evening tides pushing lots of nutrients into the system, barra are starting to takes baits originally meant for bream.

Whiting reports have been a little quiet of late although flathead are consistently being plucked from sandy gutters, with good size specimens in amongst them. Morrissey’s is absolutely teaming with black bream at the moment, and are becoming a frequent catch on hard bodied lures. Those using live prawns have had nerves tested as the oversize black bream are hitting the prawns so hard, that the buckling rod resembles that of a hard hitting jack or barra. Plenty of barra have played the game this week, with live prawns definitely the key. One report of 6 barra 3 of which went legal came from a secret spot in the Haughton. Down in the Burdekin River barra have slowed up but blue salmon have been showing some good numbers. Good reports of barra have come in thick and fast from the Bohle River since the reopening. Luring snags have produced good fish and regular Bohle fishos have said that the closure has done wonders to the system. The crabbing has been a little slow of late. Once again plenty of crabs are just falling short of legal size, which can be frustrating when good numbers are almost a certainty in every pot.

Once again the bay has had little fishing pressure this week, as the winds continue to blow its hectopascal off. The only protection can be found at West Point where it is only a short run from the Bohle and doggy mackerel can be targeted in reasonable comfort. If the winds continue the bait schools should get pushed around to West Point, therefore bringing with it the predators. The humble berley slick should generate some action and if you can get your hands on some live bait that’s even better. As you will never know what will grab a livie, anything from mackerel, cobia, grunter and even fingermark can be found in these areas.

Northern Conquest Charters Report
Only the one trip on the weekend due to our commitment to RAAF on Friday We went down Davies way with a stop at the Hellhole on the way down. The sun had already set when we arrived thinking that it would be a good time to drop on some large mouth and red emperor. This unfortunately was not the case and about all we could find was a nice colony of friendly Noah’s. Although one of our keen fisho’s had some fun on trevally with 7’’ shads in nuclear chicken fooling them regularly. From here we moved to the peanut shoal between Davies and Broadhurst reefs to chase some Nannies and Reds. Thankfully we were rewarded with a great haul coming on board. In amongst the Nannygai where some good Red Emperor and a half dozen superb green Job fish. The next morning saw us tucked up against Davies looking for some trout. These proved a bit difficult to find but persistence saw a reasonable number come aboard. With the weather cooling right off the trout have undoubtedly cooled with it. A stop at the hellhole on the way home for a day light try saw things a lot different than the night before with some superb large mouth and great cobia caught on this great mark before heading for home. Eddie Giles Skipper MV “Sir Reel”

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With the barra still on the chew, soaking live prawns into ideal looking snags is the way to go. Systems like the Bohle, Crocodile and Morrissey’s usually favour these tides, and with the clouds around and days being warmer it should only fire them up even more.

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