Weekly Report 3 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 3 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:18 am

Reports from land based anglers have been consistent, with good catches coming from all around town. A lot of anglers have been concentrating their fishing efforts during twilight hours to seek refuge from the howling winds. Using live bait and fresh cubed garfish has seen quality blue salmon taken off the beach of Pallarenda. Fishing around the top of the tide seems to be when most of the action starts. Closer to town and The Strand jetty has been producing good size wolf herring on hard bodied lures, with anglers saying it’s been as expensive find as the wolfies took many lures before being landed. Families fishing the jetty with baits have had no trouble nailing quality bream and small golden trevally, keeping mum and dad happy as the kids are kept busy. Trevally have turned up in numbers along the rock pool and up Ross Creek recently, and are taking soft plastics enthusiastically. A few reports have stemmed from the upper reaches of Ross River in the weirs with some excellent reports from both Gleeson’s and Black weir in particular. Although a lot of the fish were around the 60cm mark there have been odd specimens around the metre mark. Large soft plastics worked dead slow the best method, and hard bodied lures jerked erratically with a slow retrieve has generated interest from nearby barra.

The Bohle has continued to fish well since the reopening of the boat ramp. From what I have heard everyone seems to be quite happy with the upgrades. Large black bream have been an easy find when fishing snags with fish up to 40cm a welcomed catch. Live prawns are still the way to go if you still want to target a barra. Plenty of prawns infest the estuaries at the moment but majority of them are small. The next week or two should see larger prawns moving in with the lead up to the full moon. Morrissey’s and Haughton systems continue to produce good fish and numbers too, although lure enthusiasts have said the barra and jacks are still keen on taking lures but the size of the fish were nothing to rave on about. Once again smaller lures and plastics are producing more fish and a change in tide is crucial to switch the fish on to feed. There are also plenty of large tarpon and queenfish taking live baits off snags as well, and are always entertaining with their acrobatic leaps and burning runs. It seems the crabbing has improved over the last week with legal size bucks finding the pots for a change. With the tides building up to the moon the crabs should start to move around and hopefully should see some better numbers.

Very few reports have come from the bay and reef areas due to the weather. It can only mean that the run of good weather to come should produce some quality fishing. Keep in mind that we do still have some good size wolf herring in stock, and make sure to check rods and reels for any maintenance that may be needed before your next trip.

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Once again the winds will most likely dominate all weekend, making creek fishing the most likely option for many. For something different I would try flicking small soft plastics and minnows for bream and flathead. There has been good captures of flathead lately so I reckon get in there and have a go while it’s hot. Working the mouths of both the Haughton and Crocodile Creek during the run out tide will make it easier to locate good numbers of fish as they move off the flats into deeper water.

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