Weekly Report 14 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 14 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:14 pm

Saunders Beach has been fishing well lately with impressive flathead caught around the high tide, with soft plastics racking up the numbers but live baits are subduing the bigger ones. A few have been fishing the banks of the Bohle have been wide eyed when live mullets set close to snags have tempted barra up to 85cm. It might be the trend that the barra may be switching back to fish baits slowly but surely. The rock pool has been a little quiet of late for mackerel but with the calmer weather settling the sea and clearing up the water, I should imagine the mackerel will once again make their presence known. With reasonably gentle tides over the weekend ganged pillies hung under a float or drifted solo will surely grab some interest. The weirs have been frustrating anglers as many are getting plenty of hits and jumps but none managing to set any hooks. Hard bodied lures hand casted off the weirs are starting to get plenty of strikes, but surface lures worked near on sunset finding hungry barra cart wheeling lures for no result.

Barrattas Creek was by far the stand out system this week for lure casters with plenty of oversize black bream marauding lures meant for jacks. But there were still plenty of mangrove jacks to be caught and also one report told of 5 legal barra making the brag mat. The Haughton continues to give up plenty of barra with live prawns in ideal snags by far the most productive method. The Bohle seems to be fishing very similar to the Haughton at the moment with live prawns producing similar results. Good size blue salmon are becoming a common catch in both these systems too, taking live prawns off snags meant for barra. The northern end of the Hinchinbrook channel has turned up some fantastic lure fishing of late, with plenty of barra up to 84cm willingly taking lures. Mangrove jacks seem to be not far behind them making the best of any opportunity to take lures before the bigger predators do. Soft plastics out fished hard bodied lures and a slow retrieve was crucial to getting good strikes.

Many couldn’t wait for good weather and pushed out to Rattlesnake Island to hide from the wind and wet a line. One report told of 2 good size coral trout that stretched the scales at 3kgs each, a better than average size for the area. The crew also managed to land a few red throat to compliment the trout in the esky. Another boat didn’t have too much to boast about but did mention they did see another boat nearby hookin in to some good size school mackerel. Despite lumpy conditions few travelled to Keeper Reef with some success. Coral trout were abundant and plucked from areas lined with rubbly reef bottom in 25m of water. Spanish mackerel were an excellent consolation prize as the humble halco laser pro in the red and black pattern was trolled around the edge of the reef. The same lure produced the goods when trolled past the maggie shoals area. One angler said the red emperors have been hanging out for the calmer weather too, as double paternoster rigs were finding 9kg specimens taking big baits in deep water from a secret location. He said the bite was unbelievable and hasn’t seen numbers of reds of this size for a long time.

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Ok… This weekend looks like its going to be an absolute cracker. So I’d suggest hitting the local Islands like Rattlesnake and Maggie Island and chase some school mackerel. Best time would be around the change of a tide, it really fires them up and seems to keep the bite consistent for at least a couple of hours. The best tides look like early Sunday morning with nice run out influence and the rising morning sun as well. Remember… The more factors you can swing in your favour the more chance of landing good fish. If that’s not your cup of tea, the creeks are well worth soaking some live prawns. There are still plenty of barra and jacks around and they are starting to take live mullet occasionally as well.

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