Weekly Report 11 Sep 09

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Weekly Report 11 Sep 09

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:33 pm

With the days warming up quickly areas such as the lakes, rock pool and the freshwater reaches of Ross River should really start to fire. Bream still seem to be plentiful near the causeway and mangrove jacks are starting to take hard and soft lures more readily. Many fished the sandy stretches near Pallarenda and weren’t disappointed with quality flathead the most common capture and the odd barra only taking a liking to live presented baits. We have had some consistent reports coming from the short Lucinda Jetty. Plenty of average sized grunter have turned up although the bigger specimens prove far too elusive this year. One report from the jetty told of a monster fingermark caught on a live herring. The excited regular that told of the capture, could only describe the size of the chopper by stretching his arms as far as he could. Nevertheless a great catch, and hopefully we should see more great fish like this turning up inshore.

With winter species slowing down our dominant summer species have already kicked in. And with another excellent wet season predicted for this year, the fishing should only improve on this years statistics. The southern systems such as Morrissey’s and Haughton have produced some excellent barra and mangrove jack fishing of late, with live baits now receiving plenty of attention. Most of the good fish have come from snags with heavy gear compulsory as these northern terrors take no prisoners. A paternoster rig in snags keeps the bait from settling on the bottom and exposes them to lurking predators. The Bohle continues to fish well for barra and jacks, although many aren’t making the legal size limit. As the water warms up and humidity kicks in the bigger fish should start to show up. Cattle creek and Haughton have seen some big flathead caught on trolled lures of late, and if you have never caught a flathead on lure they fight hard and throw plenty of headshakes.

With Spanish mackerel continuing to feed as if all baitfish are going to be extinct in the next few months, trolled lures are consistently finding smaller fish while gars and wolf herring accounting for the larger ones. Maggie shoals and 12 mile shoals off Alva still the hot locations, with reefs producing excellent mackerel sessions when a berley slick is employed. There has also been plenty of good numbers of coral trout off the bottom as well. The closer reefs like Keeper, Bramble and Trunk have really fired up for coral trout and red throat, which have been a little quiet in closer reefs over the last few weeks. Chicken and Broadhurst Reefs have produced some excellent coral trout, with the shallow reef ledges only metres deep producing impressive numbers. Coral trout love shallow reef. Many fish up to a metre in length are caught in this depth, with whole pilchard on a paternoster rig lethal. Rattlesnake Island has turned up some fantastic coral trout with better than average sized fish taken from around the islands. Inshore wrecks have seen a boom in the number of cobia at the moment with many cobia following their hooked mate to the boat. Cobia have a firm white flesh and are delicious table fish with fighting abilities compared to a rhino with fins.

Northern Conquest Charters Report
The fishing has been exceptional lately with some nice red emperor catches with one fish of 11.5kg caught on the last trip. The coral trout have really fired up lately with some top quality fish coming on board also on recent trips. The Spanish mackerel seem to be in big numbers with bag limits reached in no time on the last few trips. They have been smashing almost anything you put in the water. TACKLE WORLD VIP MEMBER discount: Simply present your VIP card to the crew at Northern Conquest Charters when you book a trip to receive $25 off.

The winds look like they will inhibit most to creek or estuary fishing. With barra still feeding well I would look at systems like Crocky, Cocoa and Cattle. With little run in the tide the smaller creek systems seem to work to your advantage. Live prawns and mullet soaked in holes and deep corners should produce some action.

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