Weekly Report 19 Sep 09

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Weekly Report 19 Sep 09

Post by Brad » Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:48 pm

With the building tides the lakes have started to fire up on the big morning and evening run. The lakes fish best when the big tides push through the gates and fill the lakes. It’s like a big rush of fresh air and the fish really pick up during these times. Mangrove jacks have been abundant in the lakes taking soft plastics and blade lures during dawn and dusk sessions. Big morning tides have seen many barra caught at both Pallarenda and Rowes Bay, with lures producing many of the smaller specimens and live bait accounting for the bigger ones. It seems the trevally and queenfish have remained in Ross Creek over the last few months, with many nailing soft plastics and good numbers found out around the rock wall. Out of town, Ollera Creek has been producing good numbers of bream and flathead particularly off the beach. Small soft plastics in the wriggler pattern have been proving too irresistible and out fishing all other styles.

Flathead have made headlines this week with plenty of fish around the 70-80cm range caught on both trolled and hand cast lures, with the Bohle and Cattle Creek the more dominant systems. Bream are still thick in both the Bohle and Morrissey system with many finding fish laying high in the timber or hard up against mangrove roots. Lures sent in their vicinity would see the aggressive jet black fish eagerly attack the passing lure. There have been plenty of barra getting caught over the course of the week, with the Bohle producing best results on live baits. Black River has produced some of its best fishing of late with good size and numbers of barra taken on lures cast deep into snags and gutters. With the clouds around and the humidity starting to pick up, the barra and jacks will be gearing up for the wet season.

Another week of windy weather has only allowed the bigger boats to get out wide. From the few reports we have had the general consensus is that amongst the Spaniards getting around, there have been plagues of spotty mackerel making short work of marlin rigs. The inshore wrecks have been covered with schools of tea leaf and golden trevally’s willing to take slices and skirted jigs. If by chance you get through the trevally’s good size cobia have been a small reward for all the effort. Trolling lures over the wrecks first thing in the morning has produced some excellent Spanish mackerel sessions with the odd cobia coming aboard as well. A hooked Cobia will often surface with a few mates, so it pays to keep an eye out and have a jig or baited rod ready.

Northern Conquest Charters Report
Greeting from "Sir Reel" Well the run of weather that we have had over the last month always was going to end and that was the case last Saturday night when we took the boys from Tacoma plumbing out to Davies and Broad Hurst. Luckily there where enough die hards in the group to still put a decent bag on. Some really good Red Emperor,Mangove Jacks and some quality Coral trout on Broadhurst made for a good trip despite the winds. Highlight was a great Green Job of 7.5kg caught by Shannon Catanzariti. Always great to see a new record. Shannon recieved one of our polo shirts for his efforts.

Earlier in the week we took a corporate group from Bundaberg Rum on a trip to a spot on the foul ground that we fish for Reds. The Emperor spot was full of Scarlet Snapper so a move over to Davies was in order. Still no Reds but a great haul of Spangeled Emperor kept everybody busy. Coral trout have been a bit hit and miss but would expect with the weather warming nicely for that to pick up in the not to distant future
Cheers Eddie Giles Skipper "Sir Reel"

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With a nice early morning high tide and the new moon approaching, I would be trying my luck at a few grunter at spots like Cape Cleveland and West Point. If weather permits though the tides and moon are perfect for chasing mackerel as well. Try using live bait for grunter. Grunters are fond of live bait and fingermark can be found in grunter country as well, so you never know what may jump on next.

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