Weekly Report 6 Nov 09

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Weekly Report 6 Nov 09

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:40 am

With barramundi now off the menu, the focus has now turned towards mangrove jacks, grunter and fingermark. Some encouraging reports of mangrove jacks being caught from local creek mouths and these should continue as overcast skies become the norm which are ideal conditions for these crimson thugs. Toomulla beach has produced some great jacks of late with the full moon and big tides bringing them on the chew. Live baits work a treat and stop smaller fish picking at baits. But cubed pieces of pilchards will sometimes out fish live baits, but the small bream and moses perch love em too. Once again some excellent jacks have been caught on lures around Victoria Bridge, with best bites occurring at first light and at sunset. Soft plastics generally work best in these areas as the fish seem to hold beyond eyesight and typical hard bodied lures just don’t get deep enough.

Boaties that travelled to Morrissey’s told of a half marathon walk back to the ramp, as anglers flocked there to get in before the close of barra season. Even with the barrage of boats in the system the fishing was still good with plenty of barra and healthy numbers of jacks making the brag mat. Those casting hard bodied lures had more success than live baits with best results coming from well upstream. The Burdekin River has produced some excellent yellow fin bream of late and there have been plenty of full crabs as well. It seems the crabs must be able to sense the wets nearly here and are beginning to move around. Hinchinbrook proved tough early last week but good results came later in the week with wind protected areas holding good numbers of barra and jacks nestled deep in snags. With the big tidal influence in the channel, queenfish around 4-6kgs were easy to find schooling on the flats as the tide was pushing in. Sand bars at the mouth of the Herbert and Seymour Rivers generally hold queenfish and trevally’s when the tides are right. Just keep an eye out for baitfish getting harassed and the fish won’t be too far away.

With the wind maintaining course and speed, many launched during calmer night time conditions in hope of some fingermark and grunter. Cape Cleveland and West Point have been standout locations for fingermark with good numbers and some monster fish being caught in these areas. If you manage to find live squid straight away you’re pretty much in for a good night. Wherever the squid seem to be the fish will soon follow. But be prepared… Going out with barra outfits will only see disappointment and frustration. These guys pull hard and play dirty. Be aware that fingermark are a slow growing fish and only take what you need. Those who appreciate these golden lutjanus species will often let these guys go and just enjoy the pleasure of catching them. Many have found some protection around the palm island group and have dusted off the speargun to chase some trout. While trout have been easy to find the number of crayfish around has been impressive. With the warmer water around the crays should more active and moving around more this time of year.

With the winds on the increase over the weekend the creeks and rivers look the likely locations to catch a few fish this weekend. There have been a few reports of big yellow fin bream coming from many of the creeks in the Burdekin region. They should be on the bite on the early morning incoming tides over the weekend.

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