Weekly Report 28 Jan 10

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Weekly Report 28 Jan 10

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:19 pm

All this rain in the Townsville region should get the weirs in Ross River flowing and with this water flow come the barra and with only 4 sleeps until the barramundi are back on the target list there should be plenty of land based anglers keen to cast a lure or two. Although Townsville and north has been getting the bulk of the rain I did hear that the Burdekin area had a little rain last night hope it continues. There are a lot of great areas to fish in around the Burdekin when the lagoons and drains start to over flow. Not to mention the great fishing to be done in the river itself up until a point. Toomulla beach has produced the odd quality jacks with live baits work a treat. There where also some very nice queenfish around the 10lb smashing live baits and surface lures off Pallarenda beach before the rain, it may have dirtied up a lot over the last week and if that has happened they tend to vacate the area.

There have been a few mud crabs around lately however do check to see if they are full as reports suggest that there are a lot of empties amongst them. The prawns are improving both size and number in most of the creeks and rivers. There are plenty of barra marking up on sounder and with the previous 3 good wet seasons this year is sure to be a great year for barra. Do however remember the barra season opens at midday this Monday 1st of February so do release any barra caught before them unharmed. The creeks and rivers around the Burdekin have been producing some quality mangrove jack lately on both lures and strip baits. Further north the Hinchinbrook channel has also been fishing quite well for jacks however do take a rain coat. I have been told that it is still reasonably clean and if this continues for the barra opening then there should be some great barra action in the coming weeks. However if this area keeps getting the rain and the Herbert runs then the whole system tends to shut down and the northern part of the channel will be a much better option. In recent weeks there have also been reports of monster queenfish smashing lures in the channel also and last but not least the finger mark catches have also been particularly good also with deep diving lures around the rocky headlands working wonders.

With the lows around lately it has been a little unpredictable and many offshore anglers have stayed home. On those that has ventured out the reports indicate that there are still a few straggler Spanish mackerel and nannygai on the shoals off the Burdekin. A little closer inshore the Finger mark reports have been a quite good with some good catches reported around the back of Maggie Island and a couple caught recently near the bun at Cape Upstart. It is a little worrying to hear of these massive catches up to 20 plus fingermark being spread around the fishing fraternity at the moment this just meat hunting to the extreme and not something that I personally consider recreational fishing. I always thought it was about having a good time with mates, enjoying a laugh and the fresh air and if you take home a feed then great but this sort of slaughter is what gives the green movement all the ammo they need. Enough said on that, the other species that have been reported in recent week is the grunter with some fish to 70cm being caught inside Cape Cleveland and around West Point. Small live baits tend to work best over the shallows at night for these great fish, with the last couple of hours of the run in tide being
the prime time for big fish.

It’s hard to no what the low (ex tropical cyclone Olga) is going to do so it is probably a great weekend to get all your gear in order ready for the opening of the barra season. Come down and pick up a bargain this weekend at Tackle World with 30% off all lures and soft plastics. This is every lure not just barra lures, including everything from metal slices to flies to large poppers for GTs, it is all 30% off, don’t miss this one. Put if you have to go fishing them don’t forget the crab pots, and your favourite mangrove jack lure (my personal favourite is the Koolabung Razorback).

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