Weekly Report 5 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 5 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:29 pm

The flood gates are still open at present which is why the water is still flowing so strong over all the weirs. The plus side is that it keeps the fish on the move and there is still a great opportunity to bag a barra at any of the weirs. Pick of the weirs has been Aplins which has seen some excellent barra caught on live baits, lures and soft plastics. Please use some common sense and show some patience at Aplins, as it is usually very busy this time of year and can be difficult to fish with the number of anglers fishing at one time. After all everyone is there to have a good time and catch a fish. The lakes have settled now and water levels are almost back to normal. With the recent rain flushing out the system there has been a lot of movement from both bait and predators. Oversize tarpon have been relatively easy to catch and there has been plenty of undersize barra taking lures. Also the causeway on Boundary St has produced an array of species from trevally, queenies, flathead, big jacks and the odd barra. Anglers are having a ball using soft plastics with the better fish coming from live baits.

While some creeks are still flowing hard making fishing difficult, some have settled back to normal and have shown good signs thanks to a good short wet. The Haughton is still flowing but the fishing has been excellent according to the local anglers. Some big barra have been caught in the system with metre plus fish and plenty in the 90cm range regularly caught over the past week. Big live baits and trolling big rattling lures has produced the best results. A few locals from the northern beaches have informed me that they have been getting some fantastic grunter from the mouth of the Leichhardt River. Fish in the 70cm bracket have been common with big tides and slabbed mullet the secret to success. Plenty of dirty water in the bay but that should clear up in the next set of big tides if we don’t receive any rain soon. Crocky creek is also full of fresh at the moment but the salt is definitely pushing underneath, with some sections of the river showing glimpses of reasonably clean sea water. Where these areas are there have been big schools of mullet congregating trying to stay with the salt. Here some have found barra feeding and in numbers too. So keep an eye out for the bait and the fish won’t be too far away.

With the rain and almost cyclonic conditions over the past couple of weeks, it’s no surprise that there hasn’t been little to report from out wide up until only the last couple of days. However the news has not been good with some very ordinary catches reported. This could possibly be put down to the North Westerlies and the moon phase. However with the winds tending more Easterly this weekend the reports should improve. For those of you that enjoy chasing tuna then there is quite a lot of surface action at around five mile wide of Magnetic Island.

Checking BOM there should be no excuse to load the boat head out either to the shoals or reefs to find some blue water and hopefully some rod bending action.There should be a second colour change in the Maggie shoals area which usually holds bait, and trolling lures along this can turn up some excellent mackerel, queenies and GT’s. Also keep an eye out for the isolated storms that have been forecast, and maybe think about launching from Lucinda. The reefs are a fair bit closer and you have the protection in the palms if it all turn’s pear shaped.

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