Weekly Report 25 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 25 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:38 pm

The barra reports continue to flow in, particularly at the mouths of creeks from local beaches. Dungeness, Balgal, Saunders, Bushland Beach and Pallarenda have really turned it on over the last week with live baits proving too easy for many anglers. Catches of up to 4 barra a sitting is not uncommon and with the big tides approaching it should only get better. Remember to only keep what you need for a feed and help boost our fishery for future generations. It seems 2010 is the year for live baits with almost record sales of cast nets since the wet, which is good news for those who have never caught a barra. Live baiting has to be one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to fish. A simple running sinker rig is all you need to get started. Monster mangrove jacks have surfaced in Ross Creeks bridges of late with live baits once again the best method to catch these balls of muscle.

Once again the Bohle River has continued to produce some of its best fishing of late, and once again live baits like mullet and herring have been most effective. I have even heard of a few anglers who have had to use dead mullet as a last resort and a have managed to pull reasonable barra off them. It’s a good indication that the wet had done its job and the fish are now in feeding mode after spawning. Further south there is still a lot of water draining off the hills behind Giru after recent rain, pouring lots of sediment into the systems below. Morrissey’s has been very quiet of late with the amount of fresh flowing out of it only attracting plagues of sharks and very few fish. The crabs on the other hand are on the move with some cracker bucks pulled from the system in recent days. Fresh from the kitchen, reports are that the crabs are all full as and should continue to fill pots with the big tides ahead. Still good reports of crabs working the flats off Crocky creek, and I’d say there’s still a couple of weeks left of good crabbing come.

There were a few smaller boats looking to get out early and work areas around Maggie Island before the wind picked up. As usual, a choppy bay saw many pessimistic about conditions but thankfully they were met with glassed out conditions at the back of Maggie. There is plenty of bait in the bay at the moment with tuna, queenfish and trevally following these schools but were not as easy to catch as first thought. Remember in this situation matching the size of the bait the lure you are going to present is crucial. Queenfish up to a metre have been captured amongst these bait schools, and some big long tail tuna have been spotted but have been stubborn in taking lures. With the amount of bait in the bay we may see an early mackerel season like we saw in 2009. Also it was this time last year when the red throats dominated all reports in north Queensland.

The last of the big tides hits us on Sunday and can make fishing difficult in majority of local systems. But some of the best fishing can be experienced from rocky headlands and beaches with these tides. Big tides also push a lot of clean water in and help flush out debris and fresh water dirtying local systems. My advice would be setting up nice and early along any of the northern beaches including Pallarenda and send out a few live baits. Grunter, salmon, queenfish, barra and trevally will happily patrol these areas on big tides and although the water may come and go fairly quick, the bite period will be aggressive as well.

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