Weekly Report 18 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 18 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:35 pm

The water in the weirs has settled and the weed has cleared considerably making fishing obstacle free. With conditions returning back to normal the fish have been a little bit harder to find but there have still been some good fish caught. Black’s weir is still the best at the moment but there are still a few good salty’s falling to live baits at the bottom of Aplin’s weir. The casino rockwall is the place to be for some land based pelagic action with big queenies and some unusually big trevally’s falling to poppers and fizzers early in the morning. There has also been a few fly fishermen having a crack at the big tarpon in the lakes of late, and from what they’ve told me the little seathrew and crazy charlies have been working best.

The super system of 2010 (the Bohle) has continued to produce some excellent mangrove jack and barra action coming from live baits and trolled lures. The mouth of the Bohle has produced some monster barra well over the metre mark with trolled lures working best. One regular told of an unbelievable session when he took a mate down for an afternoon fish. He landed four fish all over 1.2m long and ended up going home empty handed. When these phenomenons occur you don’t ask questions and just live for the moment. Over last weekend the Hinchinbrook channel turned on some superb lure casting sessions with majority of the fish holding on a 300m stretch of a creek. There were loads of barra holding in the snags with many legal fish caught, and the ones that fell short were well into the 50cm bracket. Crystal creek has always been known for good jacks but of late some big barra have been caught on live baits set near the mouth. Its good to see anglers are catching are few good fish before the pro’s thin stocks out. The crab reports continue to flow in and are becoming a nuisance to live bait fisherman, as quality mullet baits are being mauled by hungry muddies.

Another week of windy conditions made it near impossible for many to get to the reef. But there was a small window earlier in the week where I did hear of one good report coming from Faraday Reef. Anchored up for an overnight session on red fish they weren’t disappointed when bag limits of red emperor were met before sunrise. With the average fish bouncing scales at around 10kg the boys considered their trip mission accomplished. There has been a general increase in the catch of red emperors of late which may mean they are feeding hard before the cooler waters arrive. By then they will move into the shallows to find the warmer water. Few chanced the dodgy weather and tried their luck at some fingermark behind Maggie Island. Squid were easy to find and fingermark found the live squid to tempting, with most of the fish caught around the 60cm mark. Although one of the fingermark stretched the brag mat at 80 cm.

Excellent tides this weekend to fish some of the smaller systems with either lure or live bait. Keep a close eye on tropical cyclone Ului as it is expected to cross the coast on Sunday. I’d imagine the winds will be very strong in the lead up to the cyclone and recommend not venturing too far from home, and suggest fishing either the Ross or Bohle River. Live mullet near the rock bar at the mouth would be my first choice of location.

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