Weekly Report 1 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 1 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:59 pm

Someone’s flicked the switch and said that it’s Morrissey’s turn produce mind blowing fishing. I’ve been informed from locals that a few days after the cyclone and last bit of rain that the barra and jacks were near impossible to avoid. No specific location was given but the red hot tip was to venture upstream and find the bait. Throwing anchor and casting lures and soft plastics fooled fish after fish and the bite continued for many days. Try looking for obvious colour changes particularly near creek junctions and remember to fish according to the depth. Try jigging blades in deeper water and holes to get down deep, as the blades also have an irritating vibration that fish cannot avoid. They have also been a proven formula while fishing local weirs in the run off. Further north, the Hinchinbrook channel has been hit and miss with the patchy rain fluctuating river heights and water clarity. This has made the bait hard to find therefore more difficult to find fish. The window to snare good fish has been very small with full day sessions only producing fish in a one hour period. But there have been some good fish caught to lift spirits.

Once again recent weather has frustrated reef goers, and it doesn’t look much better for the Easter weekend. Although the early morning forecast suggests that it may be 10-15 knots I’d say it will be too risky for many. On a brighter note just think how good the fishing will be when the weather fines up, with little fishing pressure over the last few weeks. If you need an offshore fix look at an early morning launch and set your sights on the Palm Island group. Once you’re in the Island group there are plenty of bays to seek refuge, and good fishing can be had there as well. Also from now on I’m expecting to hear of spanish mackerel reports to come from this area, with the mackerel fishing second to none when they move in. Trolled wolf herring and gar is by far the best around the islands and just so you know we have plenty in stock.

With barra reports still thick at the moment, it would be hard not to toss out some live bait in hope that we too can share the action. With Easter upon us there’s no doubt every ramp in estuary creeks will be chock a block as the wind looks like it may inhibit many from going out wide. With this in mind try escaping the traffic and fish harder to access areas like cattle and crocodile creek near Townsville, and the many island creeks stemming from Hinchinbrook Island.

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