Weekly Report 8 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 8 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:19 pm

The weirs have returned to near normal and local weir specialists have been working it overtime. Some good fish have been caught with live baits producing the bigger fish but soft plastics and lures have been capturing many smaller barra. The lakes has slowly seen an increase of winter bream of late, and although they aren’t of any size yet it won’t be long before the 30cm plus fish replace the juveniles. Good size tarpon have been caught in the lakes as well as the odd trevally, keeping light line enthusiasts entertained. Good catches of winter whiting and flathead have been caught around local beaches with Salmon creek the pick of the spots. Elbow slapper whiting have been caught with fresh pumped yabbies unbeatable this time of year. Second best is fresh local prawn with a light sinker. Remember to use a little red tubing as it adds a little bit of visual attraction, and veteran whiting fishos will be the first to tell you that it’s lethal.

The Haughton, Morrissey’s, Bohle and the Hinchinbrook channel sounded like Heathrow airport over the last week with boats zooming around everywhere. The roads weren’t much better with the cars and boats destroying many dirt tracks to local boat ramps. Clean, clear water has started to push back into the systems revealing new snags and channels. On the fishing front, Morrissey’s fished pretty slow with only the odd boat landing legal barra from way upstream. There were plenty of jacks around flashing at hard bodied lures, but it wasn’t until the good old DOA shrimp appeared that some good jacks were caught. Big winter bream have become more common over the coming days with the big bream hitting lures hard. The Haughton wasn’t much better with boats anchored shoulder to shoulder on notorious stretches of the river. There were reports of big prawns on offer off mud banks and gutters big enough to eat. Live offerings sent out as live bait saw only undersize barra and winter species like flathead and bream. Crabbers were overworked with a full day of crabbing only producing a max of 5 legal bucks, but those who ventured to nearby isolated systems were rewarded. One report from Bomber creek saw up to 15 legal bucks, a good reward for the brave who faced choppy conditions.

Only days away from clear skies and good weather, which means I will definitely have a reef report next week. In the meantime the recent drop in water temperature should see the southern bait schools venture north, bringing with it the predators that call North Queensland home during winter. From reports down south, they have had the best start to their spanish mackerel for over 30 years so I’m expecting another stellar performance from these aggressive speedsters. I’ve heard that there have been more than a few wolf herring spotted around Maggie Island as well as mass bait schools which is all good news for the mackerel season. Also the back of Maggie has seen plenty of school mackerel caught on metal slices off nearby wrecks. If the lures make it to the bottom, juvenile large mouth nannygai have been more than willing to snack on the artificials. This is another species to expect in the coming months as the reds move into shallow water for winter. Maggie shoals really fires during the winter with mackerel abundant, and reds extra large. But the bait needs to be there.

Easter holidays and good weather can spell chaos at times, but a little bit of planning can see you on the water safely away from the plagues of traffic. 80% of anglers will be looking at hitting the inshore reefs and I’d say there will be a half hour wait at each ramp at best. Tides look ideal to launch at Balgal beach or Taylor’s beach and head towards the Palm island group. It’s about this time of year when the Spaniards come in and call this area home for the winter, with fish around 20kg the average. With the lead up to the new moon prime time for Spaniards I’m expecting reports to come any day now. Remember wolf herring are dynamite around the islands and we still have plenty in mint condition.

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