Weekly Report 13 May 10

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Weekly Report 13 May 10

Post by Brad » Thu May 13, 2010 11:20 am

This week saw most mornings and nights remain reasonably calm. Good reports of grunter have come from Toolakea and Toomulla Beach. Evening sessions have seen locals snaring better than average grunter and in good numbers too, with fish up to 70cm caught. There are plenty of jelly prawns around at the moment which means oversize tarpon have moved in around the rock pool and Pallarenda along with school size queenfish. With the jelly prawns around, getting these fish to bite can be very difficult at times. Start with the usual surface lures then scale right down to small soft plastics minnows. There will be something in your tackle box that will eventually get a strike. The weirs have been productive of late with the barra feeding hard as winter approaches. Surface lures have been working well and as the activity slows, switching to shallow minnows has created some good activity.

The Haughton has really slowed over the last week and Morrissey’s hasn’t been much better. Not even the crabs will co-operate with many crabs tipped back into the drink as they just fail to make the legal size limit. From reports there are only a handful of anglers who have managed to find good fish, and mentioned that they have had more interest from dead mullet baits than live offerings. Closer to town the Ross River has been fishing well for winter species like whiting bream. Fresh prawns have been working best, but keep in mind that you can collect some excellent yabbies from the mud flat near the mouth. The best system over the last week has been Cattle creek, with live baits in prime snags pulling some good barra and jacks. Those fishing the holes in the system have caught some monster Queenfish over the metre mark as well as some big barra. Lure enthusiasts have had just as much action with plenty of rat barras and good jacks hitting deep divers. Some good barra have been caught on lure as well with the Bolt Assault lure doing all the damage.

Ok… The weather looks like it may come down just enough to catch a feed of trout, or try your luck at the many Spanish mackerel that are around. Not much to report over the last week with the unstable weather, but with the new moon approaching and weather settling down I’d imagine the mackerel reports will come in thick and fast. Remember, around the Islands and headlands you can’t beat a wolf herring trolled dead slow for big Spaniards. Around the shoals and reefs switch to garfish on a woghead and troll at around 4-6 knots. If rigging baits not your thing than try trolling lures, the best lure by far is the Halco laser pro with the red body and black stripes. These lures have been a proven mackerel slayer over the years and I’d imagine this year will be no different. With ideal day tides on the weekend there should be good reports of coral trout and red throats. The night tides have a fair bit of run and drift fishing will be the best option to remain in contact with the bottom.

Here we go! The charts look pretty good and I’m sure I heard 47 outboards running this morning getting ready for the weekend! Obviously if you’re lucky enough to have a big boat, you’re mad if you don’t head out to the reef. After such a long spell of windy weather the fish should be biting their heads off! My suggestion would be to hit Cape Cleveland, Maggie shoals and the Rattlesnake Island group for mackerel. There should be good numbers of school Spanish mackerel around the 6-8kgs size. Please show some patience at the ramps!

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