Weekly Report 8 Jul 10

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Weekly Report 8 Jul 10

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:57 pm

Still plenty of reports of good whiting getting caught from the northern beaches and also from the Burdekin areas. Live yabbies have been the best baits when kept alive and fresh, with the yabbies also enticing some big flathead as well. The neap tides have allowed the whiting to stay up on the flats also making them a lot easier to find. Pallarenda has remained calm enough early in the morning for anglers to soak a few live baits. There has been some huge blue salmon caught there of late with some sporting queenfish keeping sessions interesting in between the salmon. For the adventurous, there has been some good jungle perch caught from the lower reaches of crystal creek of late. There has also been the odd sweet water mangrove jack in amongst them, taking a liking to small minnows and also poppers. Freshwater fishing needs a lot more care when walking due to the clean clear water. Fish are very cunning and are responsive to any kind of abnormal movement in their habitat. The weirs have still been producing some good barra of late, with best reports coming from those willing to put in the time to secure some live bait. With the warmer winter that’s upon us at present the barra in the weirs have been very active and well worth fishing while the conditions are perfect.

The water in the creeks is crystal clear at the moment due to the small tides of late, making it visually exciting for those tossing lures into snags. Some good barra and jacks have been caught on lure of late, and it seems the warmer overcast conditions have aided the hot bite. With the insignificant run in the tide the fish have been a little slow and casts need to be accurate and deep into structure. When the fish are slow like this, as mentioned before timber or non rattling lures are unbeatable. Also it does help to really slow down the buoyancy of your lures, allowing them to sit longer in the strike zone. There’s an old saying with lure fishing ‘out of sight, out of mind’, and it’s a handy hint to remember next time your out luring. Productive systems of late have been the Haughton, Crocky and the Burdekin Rivers, with the tides ideal in these areas.

The winds and overcast conditions of late have kept everyone pretty quiet of late, and the outlook doesn’t look any better. There may be a small window of opportunity for a few of the bigger boats to get out, but I think conditions will average at best. It shouldn’t be too long now before we get a decent break in the weather, and I’d imagine the fish will be well rested and ready for the barrage of boats to come. This is the perfect time to check all your fishing gear and also get some trailer and boat maintenance done. If your desperate for a blue water fix then talk yourself into fishing around the Palm Island group. There’s ample protection from the wind from any direction, with every bay producing a different type of fishing. There’s bay with shallow bommies and fringing reefs excellent for trout, and also bays with good deep water close to shore that can produce mind blowing mackerel fishing.

Looks like another weekend of windy conditions, but at least the sun is forecast to come out and warm things up a little. With a nice morning run out tide, try a little beach fishing particularly where there will be some protection from the wind. Try locations such as Salmon Creek and Taylors Beach. There should be some good fish moving along these flats on the turn of the tide. If possible get yourself some live yabbies for your chance to bag a few good whiting.

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