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Weekly Report 31 Jul 10

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:06 am
by Brad
Land based anglers have had to star picket down chairs and small children as the south easterlies wreak havoc across the north. Though it hasn’t stopped thug anglers from hitting locations like Salmon creek and Cungulla for a flathead and whiting fix. The whiting proved a little difficult but there were a few good flathead caught with live yabbies and soft plastics coming up with the goods. The bream fishing in town has continued with the lakes show casing some good winter fish both on small baits and gulp soft plastics. For the sweet water anglers there has been a few good sooty grunter caught from Keelbottom Creek of late. It’s inspiration that there is always somewhere to go and fish when the weather isn’t kind to us.

Once again the creeks have been the only sanctuary from the wind and it’s not hard to find some calm water (look for boats stacked up on corners and bends). Often the fish will seek shelter in these locations and it’s here where you should really put in some time. The Haughton River has fished relatively well over the last week with the only positive results coming from those filling the live well with live prawns. As a rule of thumb with live prawns, the more the merrier as single prawns often get taken by the many oversized bream around at this time of year. A big barra will find a bunch of prawns far more interesting than a single prawn and will dominate over all other species. Notorious snags up Barrumbush and Cromarty Creek
have fished well with live prawns snaring mainly good size barra. The Bohle has been the creek to go to for some good red bream action, with the DOA prawn fooling plenty of fish around the 50cm mark. I have been told the run out tide fishing obvious snags and drop offs will find these crimson bulldogs of the creek, and quite often you will need to fend off a few rat barras as well.

Overcast and gusty conditions not only kept the boats in the sheds and carports but also kept many anglers under roofs watching the whole IFISH series! This is prime time to check out rods and reels and possibly give them some much needed attention. It’s good to see lots of anglers switched on and have recently dropped their reels in for their annual service. It aids in the longevity of your hardware and can also be a good time to find some wear in parts that would otherwise go unnoticed. If these small problems aren’t picked up early it can result in some pretty detrimental problems, snow balling out of control and becoming very costly.

For something a little different take a drive up north to Crystal Creek and try a spot of sweet water fishing. You can set yourself up on the bank of Crystal Creek near Mutarnee and fish both the lower and upper reaches of the system. The creek is easy to walk and being shallow can fish very well with small surface lures. Jungle perch, mangrove jacks and spangled perch are just a few species to expect with only light tackle necessary.