Weekly Report 7 Oct 10

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Weekly Report 7 Oct 10

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:31 pm

Excellent land based fishing of late with the weirs absolutely on fire at the moment. Walking the edges and working isolated lily patches have produced some big barra over the metre mark with shallow running and surface lures working best. Another style of fishing that’s worked well over the last few weeks is the use of surface frogs worked at high speed over the lilies. It’s a very visual style of fishing and the surface strike has to be one of the most exciting bites you’ll ever see. For the saltwater anglers, the rock pool has been producing some excellent fingermark action for those willing to toss small soft plastics and blades early in the morning. There’s plenty of small fingermark but there has been some good legal ones caught in amongst them. With the recent big tides there’s been a few good barra on offer beneath Victoria and Lowths Bridge at the moment with the run out tide fishing the best. Although the big bream have now abandoned the lakes there’s been some cracking milkfish around 2-3kg schooling up in both systems taking small blades and soft plastics.

It seems the fish are becoming really active with this warmer weather and there’s been a whole assortment of species caught. Big grunters have been caught in good numbers in both Morrissey’s and in the Hinchinbrook Channel. The fish have been holding in the deeper holes in Morrissey’s, while the flats just outside Dungeness and near the Lucinda jetty has been the place to be on the run out. Also I did hear of one good report from Morrissey’s of 5 good legal barra between 60 and 90cm caught with live baits in one hot session. The barra bite continues up in the channel as well with some big barra caught while on the troll near deep rocky headlands. In the mix with the big barra has been some even more impressive fingermark up to 90cm caught with the same technique trolling deep diving lures. Look for calm back water out of the run to work lures past as this will create an excellent ambush point for big predators.

Well the good weather only visited us for just a day, but the rain clouds hung around just a few days extra. Some good reports from night sessions chasing reds with some good large mouth caught, but there’s been one species that’s become the new small mouth nannygai. Big reef jacks have become a constant and almost predictable catch of late and not just small ones too. One report I heard recently was that the first 6 fish to be boated were all reef jacks. Interestingly enough there has been a surge of jack reports in the creeks as well, which may have something to do with their annual spawn. The Spaniards have continued to bite well and it’s about this time where we will see them move to Rib reef to spawn. But before they move there they usually make their last stop around the Palm Island group. Look for big current lines and fresh garfish will work best rigged on woghead. The Islands usually don’t produce small mackerel so prepare for the worst, with fish up to 40kg recorded in this area over the years.

Big tides around the new moon makes creek fishing a little difficult, but with the grunter on the chew at the moment I’d look at trying my luck around west point and Burdekin Rock. If you can’t find much protection around the Island a land based session off the northern beaches usually produces good fish on these tides.

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