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Weekly Report 29 Oct 10

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:04 am
by Brad
I see plenty of anglers working overtime to bag an end of season barra, and with only days left I’d imagine all local hotspots will be littered with enthusiastic fisho’s over the next few days. With the extra humid days and clear skies the fishing has really heated up finishing a fairy tale end the 2010 barramundi season. The Casino rockwall has fished really well this week with live baits set first thing in the morning producing some beautiful barra. Remember this time of year the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish and this applies to lures too as the big barra gear up for a ripper wet season. Another location well worth a look is the salt water side of Aplins Weir, a renowned spot for big barra and many anglers have caught some big barra close to the moon just past on the bigger tides. The bare foot bandits have been at it again walking the banks of Crystal creek in hope for a few jungle perch. While the jungle were in good numbers so too were the mangrove jacks pushing right up into the fresh. Weapon of choice has been the new Koolabung cicada fizzer, an exact mould of a real cicada armed with a prop. These guys often get hit as soon as they hit the water!

Good weather and sunshine is a winning combination this time of year and those who persevered in unproductive creeks have been rewarded with some good fish of late. Systems like Morrissey’s and Haughton have showcased what the end of season barra fishing should be with big fish close to the metre mark falling to big live baits and trolled lures. Morrissey’s in particular has seen some big fingermark up to 4kg landed on live herring along with a side of reasonable barra in similar country. Also there has been some barra well into the 80cm range coming from deep diving lures in the upper reaches of Morrissey’s of late, and if you’re not hitting structure with your lures then you’re simply not in the game. Not to be out classed the Hinchinbrook channel continues to produce some monster barra and oversized threadfin salmon on deep ledges and drop offs. Trolling these areas has worked wonders over the past few months and should see plenty of attention over the next few days.

Not much too report from out wide but there has been a few reliable reports of big fingermark coming from areas such near Maggie Island and Cape Cleveland. With the new moon approaching in conjunction with good weather the reports should only improve. Remember to take live mullet or herring out with you just in case the squid don’t want to play the game. Summer is prime time for big fingermark, but do keep in mind that they grow very slowly and I would encourage the practice of catch and release with really big fish.

Ok… Only days left for the end of barra season and the weekend weather forecast doesn’t look too bad either. What to do? If you’re blessed to have a big reef boat and have got the green light from the better half, I’d be looking at a Sunday sesh probably at the reefs off Lucinda. It’s a shorter journey by sea and there’s a lot more country to explore. If not, secure a bucket of live bait and set yourself up at the mouth of the Bohle, Haughton or Morrissey’s and cross your fingers! :D