Weekly Report 14 Jan 11

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Weekly Report 14 Jan 11

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:03 pm

Nice calm mornings have seen the bare foot bandits at it again with Pallarenda wearing the full brunt of these anglers. Small slices and bucktails worked close to the beach have found some good size tarpon which are great fun on light gear. A good walk around towards Shelley beach has found on closer inspection some massive queenfish in big schools. Small metal lures cast and retrieved at high speed has got the best response from the ‘poor mans marlin’. But I reckon the best way to catch these guys is with surface lures like poppers fizzers and stickbaits. Although you may find that poppers will get the most attention as they love the splash and noise that poppers project. The casino rockwall has been another spot well worth a try, with the fresh influence pushing out a lot of bait along these walls. The cleaner water out the end has encouraged schools of small grey mackerel to come in and feed on the baitfish. It pays to take note of the size of the baitfish around on these walls and match your lures as best as possible to the bait present.

Some excellent crab reports have come in from north to south with Cleveland bay choc a block with good crabs. Also the Barrattas and Haughton had been mentioned regularly with crabbers impressed with some of the big bucks pulled from the flats in both these systems. More and more anglers are mustering up the courage to launch tinnies in the swollen creeks for a quick fishing fix, and these prospecting trips have produced some good fish much to the surprise of many including themselves. Live mullet and fresh fish slabs have accounted for some beaut grunter lately with the odd stingray to contend with in-between. Further north the Lucinda jetty has been compared to the epic movie Jurassic park with some of the monsters there almost big enough to attack small boats! Those trolling the pylons with crazy deeps have come face to face with metre plus fingermark with bright white or yellow RMGs prevailing on each pass.

The weather gods blessed us with more magical offshore conditions over the last week, while our fellow Queensland team members deal with what will be a long and heartbreaking road ahead. The reef reports remained relatively quiet with only a handful of boats finding quality fish like coral trout and red throat way up in the shallows. Rib reef produced some good coral trout and also a few Spaniards fell to trolled lures as well. Those bottom bashing with a very light sinker found an astonishing difference in bites with whole pilchards the key. I have had a few good reports of red emperors and large mouth nannygai up to 10kg coming from deep water behind the slashers group. When chasing reds you don’t need a whole lot of structure to hold good fish, as a general rule of thumb less is more. This applies to the shoal area as well with the exciting ‘Christmas tree’ sounding usually raising small mouth nannygai, catfish and trevally. Maggie shoals has been alive as well with good large mouth, queenfish and mackerel all hanging around the abundant bait schools that are present. If a little fun is what you’re after then try casting small slices at the many tuna schools that are feeding near the debris line.

I like these big morning tides and would find it hard to resist fishing Pallarenda on the top of the tide. If possible find some nice poddy mullet and some fresh mullet slab for a few big grunter. If you’re the luring type maybe a quick prospect around the headlands will find those big queenfish. Tide Times Full Moon: 20th January 11

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