Weekly Report 21 Jan 11

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Weekly Report 21 Jan 11

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:37 pm

Pallarenda once again steals the limelight with the morning big tides drawing big queenfish, blue salmon and schools of tarpon to its shores. The change of tide has been the best period to see some sort of action down there and the bigger the tide, the more aggressive the bite can be. Look for baitfish getting harassed and the predators that feed on them won’t be too far away. Those bait fishing this area should encounter big grunter on the run out stage of the tide, and it pays to fish right to the death. The casino rockwall is riddled with queenfish ranging from 50cm to some well over a metre. Early in the morning poppers will be the most exciting method to target this species, but you will find that once the sun rises they can
be a little hard to excite. A quick switch to a small buck tail jig or slice of similar dimensions should do the trick, but make sure your leader is up to scratch as queenfish make short work of 40-50lb leader. Boundary St has always been a popular spot to weta line and it’s taken a while for the water to settle down there, but there has been a few reports of nice mangrove jacks taking late in the afternoon on the run out tide.

It’s good see a bit of normality coming back into the creeks of late with patches of clean water found in certain parts of the creek, making finding fish a little easier. There have been some good jacks caught particularly on lures cast in ideal looking snags. This should only improve if the rain holds off allowing the water to clear just in time for the opening of the barra season. Just a quick note on that, the fisheries have been working round the clock to stop the targeting of off season barramundi, particularly from iconic areas like the AIMS turn off and Aplins weir. These two locations are major areas of barra congregation and its important to let barra do what they need to do to replenish and improve our already abundant fishery. If caught the fisheries will enforce an on the spot infringement notice, not something anyone can really afford (especially if you’ve seen my electricity bill for the summer!).

The red fishing has been one of the main reasons many have weathered the storms during overnight sessions. Shoals behind Keeper reef have been producing good numbers of large mouth nannygai with the odd red emperor in the mix as well. Fresh slab bait rarely has a chance to settle before a big nanny pounces on it, and it also has been the undoing of a few red emperor that have been weighing in at 10kg. With reds many look for fish on the sounder and not bottom. Often if you just fish good bottom the trophy fish will be there, where as marks with an abundance of fish showing on the sounder will in most cases produce many undesired species. There have been a few reports of good Spanish mackerel caught from the Rattlesnake Island group with trolled gars lasting seconds in the right area. Also there has been a few throwing on the snorkel and diving this same area and coming up trumps with a feed of coral trout.

Your probably getting sick of me suggesting the northern beaches and Pallarenda as the pick of the locations every week, but these big tides are just perfect! The big tides also push in the cleaner water and allow big fish to get up on these flats and feed! Tide Times Full Moon: 3rd February 11

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