Weeekly Report 18 Feb 11

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Weeekly Report 18 Feb 11

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:45 pm

With the weather settling a little despite the occasional storm the fishing is really starting to crank up with good reports coming in from all over the place. Land base wise the early morning high tides along the beaches have been producing some great fish with schools of barra close up against the rocks and queenfish smashing bait out wide. Hard body lure seem to be working best in this area with the new 95mm shallow diving Sumari lure working a treat on the barra. The queenfish are reacting to surface lures with poppers around the 100 to 120mm in length doing the trick. There are also big saltwater tarpon in the area and the Koolabung blades are hard to beat as a lure for these great fighting fish. Further north Saunders Beach has been on fire with heaps of reports of barra being caught on lures and live baits. To the south Alva Beach has also been producing good barra in the gutters however a little bird tells me the pros have been hammering the area lately so I guess they want be there for long. In and around Townsville the weirs and bridges along the Ross have been producing their fair share of barra, soft plastics seem to be the weapon of choice in these areas with soft plastics like the squidgy pro slick rigs in the drop bear colour and the DOA bait busters in the mullet colour takinga fair share of fish in recent weeks.

The Bohle and Haughton are full of smallish prawns so there should be plenty around for a feed in coming weeks. Both are producing some nice barra and mangrove jacks along with Morrissey’s creek which has produced good barra on the troll with reports of as many as 10 fish in a session all around the 70 to 80cm mark. The RMG Scorpion lure in the white shine colour has been working exceptionally well lately. As mentioned last week the snags have been producing fish but the larger fish are coming from the deeper water around the mouth. Colour changes around the head of mud gutters on a falling tide have also been holding some good barra lately. If you have not heard yet, then here it is unfortunately for the owners but great for angler there has been one hell of an injection into the barra population in the Hinchinbrook Channel with cyclone “Yasi” demolishing the barra farm in Con creek literally a million fish have escaped into the channel. These fish are not like your regular everyday saltwater barra, also known as blue eyesthere are fish to 90cm that escaped.

These fish will take a few weeks to months to loose the black look and slim down to adapt to the wild environment. At the moment these fish fight like wet socks and hardly worth the effort, but in months to come this area is likely to be one of the best barra fisheries on the east coast if there is enought food to sustain that number. At the moment the water is very dirty south of about the boat passage and hardly worth fishing. Around the Burdekin area the fishing has also improved with good reports of grunter, salmon, mangrove jacks and barra coming from most of the creeks in the area. The standout in terms of barra seems to be Groper creeks with bag limits being reached in only a few hours fishing. Once again the crab reports have been very good with most looking to take home a feed of crabs not having to try to hard to get a few quality muddies.

Cape Upstart is starting to produce some very nice fingermark with live baits like squid, mullet or herring all working a treat. The headlands have also been fishing exceptionally well for barra and some great mangrove jack also ambushing lures cast around any submersed rocks. There are also plenty of super sized queenfish taking poppers close up against the rocks on the seaward side of the Cape. Offshore reports have been a little light on but of those venturing out there seems to be some good coral trout and red emperor around with Otter reef fishing ok, but most of the reports to the south wide of the Burdekin suggest that most of the big trout have moved to deeper water. On the outer part of the reef there has been some big dogtooth smashing metal jigs with the aptly named “Dogtooth” jigs working well. A little tip that I have found over the years is that for some reason in this part of the world shorter profile jigs seem to out fish the longer knife style jigs.

With the huge tides this weekend, Sunday looks to have the least tidal flow however it is a few days after the moon so it’s hard to know how things will pan out this weekend. One tip try getting out of the run and fish up over the flats in areas that you usually can’t get access to. Tide Times Full Moon: 18th February 11

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