Weekly Report 4 Mar 11

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Weekly Report 4 Mar 11

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:14 am

Pallarenda Beach has once again been a hot spot with nice barra being caught around the mouth of three mile creek. Casting shallow diving lures has accounted for fish just around legal size with the bigger fish being tempted on live baits. The rock pool and strand jetty has been producing good golden trevally on small soft plastics with the Berkley gulp and sporting plastics working well. The early mornings have been the prime time when the water is calm and relatively clear before the wind gets up. I’ve heard the odd report of prawns being caught around the coast guard boat ramp and rock wall with the new moon on the weekend it is a great time to chase them. The weirs in Ross River are still producing good barra with larger shallow diving lure like the Strada Tracker 140 working well. In the Burdekin area the water level in the River it’s self has dropped and it is becoming more fishable with some good reports coming from most of the deeper holes through out the river.

The creeks & rivers south of Townsville like the Haughton and Morrissey’s have being producing good numbers of jacks on hard bodied lures. With the number of jacks, as thick as the barra at the moment it is tempting to downsize your lure and throw on your favourite jack lure and chase them instead. The Koolabung Razorback lure is a favourite particularly in white and the Bolt lures have accounted for good fish in recent weeks. Those live baiting have found the odd fingermark turning up on live bait intended for big barra which is always a welcome by-catch. If you love a feed of crabs there is few around so don’t forget the pots. Phillips Landing in the Burdekin area has been running red hot for barra recently. However a pro has turned up there and reports of as many as 90 big fish taken a night it won’t be long before they are a little thin on the ground. The reports of crabs have also been very good from the same area. The grunter are not fans of freshwater but there has been some very nice fish caught in recent weeks around the creek mouths either side of the top of the tide particularly as the cleaner water pushes in.

There has been a few reports recently with half decent weather and all signs indicate that the fishing is very good at the moment with good numbers of large mouth nannygai caught along with quality trout. The key to the trout seems to be the deeper water with the 30 to 40m mark producing some very good trout fishing. As usual after any cyclone the red throat emperor reports start to pick up considerably and this time around although the size of the fish are not massive as has been the result of some past cyclonic events with Cyclone “Justin” springing to mind, the red throat numbers are definitely up. Report by Northern Conquest Charters: “This time around lucky for us, the cyclone didn't bring a lot of rain with it allowing the sea to return to its vibrant blue colour quicker than expected. With the cyclone well and truly behind us now there has been small windows of good weather with the reports absolutely mind blowing. The bait schools that are around at the moment have made some of the best GT fishing for some time with some absolute monsters in amongst them. Where's there bait....there's fish and the bottom fishing has been just as impressive.

NCC Skipper and commercial fisherman Les Youman has reported the best large mouth nannygai fishing of late in 3 years! Now I've fished with Les and have caught a truckload that he has described as a quiet days fishing, so for him to say its fishing well, it must be! The fresh influence can usually bring on or shut down the coral trout, but because of such a long stint of bad weather the trout have opted to stick in the deeper water around the 40m mark to find the saltier water. Its also been a welcomed sight to see some horse red throat emperor get boated in recent trips, which have shut down with the super warm water temperature.”

If you are sick of catching barra and would like to chase something else then with the reports of nice Grunter at the mouth of the creeks, I would anchor up a few hours either side of the high tide and fish the cleaner water using fresh bait with one of my favourite’s being gar fish fillets and wolf herring strips. I hear you say “Wolf Herring” I thought they were for Spanish mackerel, and yes they are one of the best baits for them, but often you troll them only to have the tail bitten off, don’t throw them away take them home and use them as strip baits the next time you chase grunter.

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