Weekly Report 11 May 11

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Weekly Report 11 May 11

Post by Brad » Thu May 12, 2011 2:31 pm

The winter species such as bream, whiting, grunter and salmon have been improving in numbers around local land based hot spots. Excellent sized grunter are being caught off the Bowling Green Bay sand spit and the beach at Wunjunga. A top bait for grunter I find is a decent slab of gar on a 4/0 hook. South of Townsville, Cungulla has seen healthy whiting being caught and I’m sure the full on run of whiting isn’t to far off. For anglers wanting to catch a barra the rocks at the base of Lucinda jetty have been producing with shallow diving lures cast around dawn and dusk doing the damage. An ideal lure would be the Strada Tracka 100. Closer to town the Causeway fished with peeled prawn baits is providing anglers with bream which are fun species to target with light spin rods. There has been some bigger eating size fish taking baits as well which give fisherman some fruits totake home for their troubles.

Over the weekend the weather was less than ideal for barra fishing as cooler winds arrived and rain was around to dampen spirits. Although some anglers were still out there trying their best and being rewarded for their efforts. Barra were caught lure casting the snags just around legal size mark with brighter coloured lures standing out in the conditions. A great alternative creek species is fingermark and live herring is awesome bait for these fish. Towards the mouths of the bigger creeks around deeper snags and drop offs are prime areas to fish. Blue salmon and the elusive Threadfin salmon have been taking live baits set over the shallow flats in the Hinchinbrook, particularly towards the southern end. They can be caught on lures as well and it’s a good idea to have a rod rigged up with a lure that can be cast to any fish seen cruising.

The cooler weather is sure to bring in the mackerel and with nice fish already being caught its looking very promising. Maggie shoals have been alive with cracker nannygai and red emperor testing knots. Drifting big baits though productive areas is tempting these fish although persistence is required as they may not bite until a few drifts. Good size Spaniards are around in the same areas. Live baits are almost irresistible under a float or unweighted with a decent hook through the back. Trolling lures and baits is an effective way of catching mackerel whilst covering some ground. The Bolt mystique lures are sure winners particularly in the chrome colorations. When chasing it pays to be prepared as the action can come thick and fast. Having rods rigged and traces at the ready can maximise your chances of capitalising on these fish when they are on the chew. If you are anchored up after mackerel then a solid berley trail is great way off attracting any nearby fish and keeping them near you. So get prepared cross both fingers for good weather and most of all enjoy yourself whilst you’re out there into em!

The great fishing continues off the North Queensland coast, and Northern Conquest have put in the hard yards to find the hotspots that just may catch you ....The fish of a life time.... There is not enough ink in the world to express on paper how good the fishing is at present.... The fantastic fishing has continues off Townsville with day and night reports the best we have heard for many years now. You normally get a run of good fishing followed by a slump that just seems to never end, but this year has just been GO GO GO! If red fishing is what your after then now is the time! If trout and red throat is more your delicacy then now couldn't be better! The other fish that have been abundant of late are Cobia. They seem to be bobbing up everywhere and are a very welcome bycatch.

Recent trips around the Slashers group has seen some of the best trout fishing Sir Reel has ever experienced proving that the GBRMPA research was spot on declaring that the trout were thick post Yasi. The red throat have been a little on the quiet side but the experts tell me they come into their own come winter time, so expected the unexpected in the coming weeks! Now the red fishing is showing more form than the North Queensland Cowboys despite their recent run of wins, with red emperors now almost a certainty aboard an overnight trip. Not only have they displayed good numbers but they have also asked anglers to use their 'strong arm' to hold up a 10kg specimen for the camera! A more than welcome by-catch of reef jacks have shuffled the species in the eskies and are an awesome table fish, complimenting the already prestigious tally that's on ice. While the sounder has been showing signs of mass schools of small mouth, the product finding the eskies beg to differ with small mouth now 'a thing of the past'. Lets just hope it hold out for a little while yet!

Big tides this weekend should see some fish moving around and pushing up onto areas where they normally couldn’t reach. Casting lures into likely looking flats and up smaller creeks would be good option. Also out further around isolated bommies and pressure points is a good place to find mackerel and other inshore pelagics. If the weather turns ordinary a spot of whiting and bream fishing at local hot spots is a great plan B.
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