Weekly Report 5 Jul 11

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Weekly Report 5 Jul 11

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:34 pm

There has been a large variety of species on offer for the land based anglers, either throwing lures or using bait. Lure fishers have seen healthy numbers of smaller school mackerel smashing quickly retrieved metal slices and shallow hard body lures. The trick is to find a small profile metal slice that matches the bait but is still heavy enough to cast and the ARMA Big Eye at 50mm and 30gm is proving to be a sure winner. Anglers fishing with live bait and drifting pilchards are catching good numbers as well. The Strand jetty and Rock pool are prime spots to chase these mackerel. At spots such as the mouth of the Ross River and Saunders beach dead bait such as prawn and mullet are proving effective on the local Flathead and Grunter populations. Casting soft plastics like the Z-man MinnowZ will often work just as good as bait and by constantly casting you will find fish that simple bait on the bottom wouldn’t normally catch.

The creeks have still been constant for persistent anglers with some great jack fishing showing up and the odd legal barra thrown in for good measure. Live baits are doing well and prawn being the favourite with small poddy mullet coming a close second. The action not usually coming straight away so putting in a few hours at a likely spot and in some cases fishing it numerous times in a day can be the key to a bent rod and screaming drag, particularly if you have marked fish on the sounder. North of Townsville the Hinchinbrook channel is entertaining lure casters with smaller barra willing to nail a well presented lure and with fish up to 75cm being pulled from the same areas. Hinchinbrook is a massive area to fish which in some cases makes it difficult to find the action although I am hearing a definite favour towards the northern end of the system. In terms of crabbing it hasn’t really slowed down with die hard crabbers reporting consistent numbers and most being legal size full bucks which when crabbing you cant ask for much more than that.

The weather looks ideal this weekend and from recent reports the fishing further out towards the shoals and reef should only improve as we head into winter. Species such as Nannygai, Red emperor, Coral Trout and Mackerel have made their presence felt testing anglers tackle. In particular the Coral Trout have been thick and proven methods like flesh bait on a dropper rig is a sure way to get a few into your esky. Trolling lures has accounted for numerous Spaniards and bigger fish are now showing up closer to the 20kg mark. Rib reef is always a popular area to catch Spaniards and having triple hook ups can be a common sight when they are on the chew. Using the same methods trolling for mackerel, some healthy Dogtooth Tuna have been torturing reels with line burning runs which rival the speed of an F1 car. The outer reefs with deeper water around the 100 plus metre mark seem to be productive for Dogtooth Tuna and these areas are also great spots to catch these monsters on metal jigs and I can tell you it will beat any workout you might get from a gym.

With the weather and conditions improving, now is the time to entertain the ideas of jumping in the water and seeing what our awesome reefs have to offer beneath the surface. As a result of the South Westerly winds the visibility has been excellent and recent reports from spearo’s who ventured out last weekend reported 20m visibility as close in as Keeper Reef. Good size tusk fish are plentiful along with squid and crayfish making scrumptious, mouth watering platters. Rib reef has also been coming up with the goods with trout and red throat in good numbers. Big 80cm+ Blue spot trout are in good numbers at Keeper and many trout were speared between 45cm-70cm. Remember Blue Spot Trout have a min size limit of 50cm and max of 80cm with a bag limit of 7 combined with other trout species. Blue Spot’s are easily identified by large pectoral (side) fins solid in colour (not see-through). For all fish species info, check in-store for our range of fish ID waterproof cards and books.

When you venture in, make sure you’re geared up with the right stuff; a good gun, fins and a wetsuit as a minimum. Come in and see Ian for a FREE DVD and leaflet on safe spearfishing and pick his brain for any how-to questions you might have.

Ideal weather would put a reef trip on the cards and chasing some coral trout and mackerel for a welcome feed of tasty reef fish. Trolling some of your favourite lures at proven spots should see some good mackerel landed and pushing up onto the reef itself for some coral trout would be a great plan. Tide Times New Moon: 2nd June 2011

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