Weekly Report 10 Jun 11

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Weekly Report 10 Jun 11

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:01 pm

The odd doggie mackerel has been caught at the rock pool and at the very end of the rock wall itself. Floating and drifting pilchard baits is a technique that works for these fish and with an early morning land breeze you can get your baits out a fair way suspended under a balloon. Setting up a berley trail off the rocks will entice the mackerel into your fishing area resulting in more fish caught. A great land based spot to the south of Townsville is Alva Beach and the reports of whiting and flathead are coming through on a more regular basis in the last few weeks. Setting the sand spikes at a nice flat on the run out tide should see some fish in the creel. When targeting whiting yabbies are excellent bait and spending a few hours pumping them at low tide is defiantly worth the effort.

Bigger creek systems such as the Haughton and the Burdekin have seen good grunter fishing towards the mouth on slab baits or big fresh prawns. Anchoring up on the edge of a sand drop offs or any area holding shell with the first of the run out and the first of the run in both great times to get into a good grunter bit. You will often encounter nice size Pikey Bream as well which are great sport on lighter tackle. For the avid lure fisherman there is one lure that should be in every tackle box particularly in the winter time and this is the Koolabung Blade. Anglers using these in the Local creeks have been catching some nice Salmon and Barra and there is literally not a fish these lures won’t catch and have not caught yet! Throwing these on a spin rod is the ideal set up and with three different sizes using a line up to 20lb would be ideal. But you will need to rig them with single hooks if you wish to fish them over 20lb line to reduce the risk of straitened hooks when that 80cm barra smashes it on the drop. In the creeks the crabbing has been very consistent with some nice bucks showing up. Fresh bait is always the key to a good feed of crabs.

Last weekend the weather was good enough to hit the reefs and shoals and from reports the fishing was a little hit and miss with the night sessions reported to be much more successful than fishing through the daylight hours. There was some great reef jacks hitting the decks and at proven red fish spots nannygai made their presence felt during the late night fishing sessions. But in terms of day fishing the coral trout and red throat emperor were a little harder to find with regular moves required to find fish. There has been some mackerel around both inshore and at the reef and drifting a pilchard or live bait will get you in the action if they are nearby. Many of the shoals are producing some good Spanish mackerel bits on the change of the tides with both trolling lures and drifting baits working well.

The weather’s not going to be ideal this weekend to head out to the reef but the possibility of coastal diving at Cape Cleveland, Kissing Point and southern creeks such as the Elliot River could be worth considering. Don’t be put off by the forecasts of rain as this does not affect water visibility. Target species inshore and coastal will include black spot tuskfish, barra, bar cheek trout, fingermark, Spanish mackerel, mangrove jack and crayfish.

When spearing mackerel, be aware they have soft flesh which we all know makes great eating, and if you’re not rigged up correctly your shaft can tear out after shooting it leaving a great fish to the mercy of grey wetsuits (sharks). To prevent this, rig up a ‘float line bungee’ between your float line and float. This works as a shock absorber and stretches out up to 5 times its original length therefore greatly reducing the chance of losing your Mackerel.

The winds seem to be up so a spot of bait fishing up the creeks for some grunter would be a great option and throwing the crab pots in as well should see some crabs for dinner. Securing fresh bait for grunter fishing would be important whilst also picking up a few Koolabung blades to cast around is a great plan to get into some fish.

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