Weekly Report 15 Jun 11

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Weekly Report 15 Jun 11

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:34 pm

To the north of Townsville areas such as Saunders beach, Balgal beach and Toolakea have seen a good run of salmon and grunter. The salmon have been of decent size and mainly blue salmon. Using fresh slab baits is the preferred way to catch a few of these fish with blades and shallow diving lures a close second. Either side of the high tide has been the prime time. The mornings have been calm which has seen predatory fish feeding along the coast and headlands. Fish like tarpon, trevally and the odd barra are being caught casting lures with the time of day just as the sun is rising defiantly the most productive. Saltwater tarpon can be a very difficult fish to catch at times and other times they will take almost anything it’s a matter of having a lure that will work on those days when they are most difficult. The Koolabung Blade is a sure winner and another few lures which work well are the Strada HS Tracka 70 and the Piccola.

Similar to last week we are still hearing good reports of grunter from the Haughton, Morrissey, Burdekin & Groper systems with some very nice fish also being caught around the Cape Upstart area. Using big fresh prawn bait and small live baits like small gar if you can find them is accounting for the better size fish and securing better numbers also. The Hinchinbrook Channel is fishing consistent for Barra with the odd nice size Mangrove Jack caught as well. Anglers casting lures are seeing Barra up to 85cm although peppering spots where they are known to reside is proving more successful than covering as much area as you can in a day. Casting smaller size lures and working them slowly can entice weary fish to strike. Using live prawn is another great option to get into a few fish in the cooler months as well. This time of year as things cool down and the barra switch to prawn baits the DOA 3” shrimp soft plastics comes into their own and will catch fish when nothing else will.

The Bay is fishing quite well with good size golden trevally making their presence felt along the shipping channel markers. Casting and jigging small metal slices and soft plastics will be enough to tangle with a few of these hard fighting fish. With the cooler weather some extra large queenfish have been testing anglers tackle with fish up to 120cm showing up which are a challenge on any outfit. Poppers and slices are ideal lures to be throwing and retrieving them as fast as possible really fires them up with hits at boat side not uncommon. Getting out for a quick morning fish when the winds are calmer is the desired option as it’s not a long run to be back at the ramp if the weather turns nasty. The mackerel number have been good this year with both school mackerel and Spanish mackerel being reported on a regular basis, week in week out, which is great news for anyone who loves to catch a feed of mackerel this time of year.

With South/South Westerly winds blowing all this week, this makes ideal coastal and inshore diving as these winds clean up the water and give better than normal visibility. Trips to the reef will be on hold for a lot of spearos as winds are creeping up to 15-20 knots in the mornings making boating a little uncomfortable. With that said, the swell is less than a metre so use some common safety sense when deciding whether or not to punch out to the reef. Safety is a subject always worth talking about so remember to always have a large dive flag at the highest point on your vessel when anchored. Make it clearly visible so other boaties know not to motor up to your vessel within 30 metres. If you are diving outside 30 metres of your vessel, while it’s not law or necessity, it’s advised to tow a float with a dive flag so other boaties know where you are. Don’t risk with the possibilities of an accident at sea. Invest in a highly visible float and/or flag.

We saw a full moon on Thursday which will bring big tides this weekend and hopefully see some fish get caught. Doing some lure fishing in local creek systems would be a good option to secure a few fish. Creeks systems like Morrissey’s and areas such as the Hinchinbrook are spots worth fishing. Tide Times New Moon: 2nd June 2011

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