Weekly Report 24 Jun 11

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Weekly Report 24 Jun 11

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:35 am

Healthy reports are still flowing in of nice blue salmon and grunter. Land based spots like the rock-pool; rock walls and the Strand jetty are producing doggie mackerel with pillies and small slices working a treat. Most fish have been just under legal size with the odd few bigger fish being caught. Trevallies nudging the 20lb mark have been testing anglers tackle eating lures and bait meant for doggie Mackerel. To the south of Townsville Cungulla is the place to be if you are after some whiting and bream, a simple running sinker rig and a packet of prawns being all that is needed. The Bream have been in good numbers with either side of the high tide being most productive. Using light line will see many more bites gained and makes it much more sporting and especially if the kids are fishing it’s a lot of fun.

North of Townsville the Hinchinbrook Channel is where many anglers are heading if they are fishing for barramundi and with much success. Casting shallow diving lures like the Strada Tracka and the New Koolabung shallow 110mm at shallow flats and rocky headlands is proving effective. Fishing the headlands is seeing the bigger fish being caught whilst casting at snags is seeing more numbers but most fish being of a smaller size. Some nice Jacks of 40cm plus are being added to the days catch when fishing snags. By downsizing your lure size you can have a better chance of nailing a few of these red beauties. A fish that is not always caught around this part of the world is the threadfin salmon and growing to 120cm plus they are a challenge to catch on any tackle and most times just getting a bite is the hardest part. So I must give credit to fellow angler Karim who caught a beauty measuring 108cm at Hinchinbrook channel recently and we are hearing of some other nice thready’s being caught as well. The creek mouths and often the deeper holes of the creek are ideal areas to chase these fish with live baits and sinking lures such as blades, soft plastics and the lure of the moment the Jackal Transam are all working well.

We had a spell of calmer weather over the weekend which allowed many anglers to dust of the boat and head out chasing a few reef fish. Mixed reports for anglers suggested that certain areas were defiantly fishing better than others. The Slasher reefs filled ice boxes with good size coral trout and red throat emperor throughout the day. At night targeting red fish, proven spots produced the goods with large mouth nannygai being the majority of fish caught. Often when targeting trout in the day floating a pillie out the back on a set of gang hooks with see a few Mackerel added to the catch. Spanish Mackerel up to 15kg have been entertaining anglers which are much better table fish than the larger 25kg plus size fish. Out the back of Magnetic Island the Shoals fished well for persistent anglers, with nannygai and red emperor taking a liking to fresh slab baits with monster gold spot cod also reported.

Unfortunately we’re faced with big seas and high winds this weekend so it’s the perfect time for going over all your gear and making sure it’s all in good working order for the next trip out when the weather comes good. Here’s a checklist and if any points below apply, it’s time to replace and/or repair
* Check all rubbers aren’t perishing at the knots (including the gun bungee) and the dyneema bridles for feathering.
* Check your mono and crimps/crimping, or dyneema rig line for wear and tear.
* Check the float line for feathering and weaknesses.
* Check shark clip for tension and lubricate trigger mechanism.
* Check spear for straightness and sharpness.
* Check wetsuit, gloves, and socks for tears and/or holes.
* Check mask straps, knife straps, and snorkel clips for signs of wear and tear.

The large afternoon tides would prove ideal for some Bream, Grunter and Whiting fishing at spots such as Cungulla, Saunders beach, Balgal beach. Using fresh prawn bait and pumping yabbies fished on a running sinker rig is all that is needed to score a few fish. Tide Times New Moon: 2nd June 2011

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