Weekly Report 9 Sep 11

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Weekly Report 9 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:59 pm

Warm days and clear skies are doing wonders for the fishing in the Ross river weirs. Ideal conditions and with the prime time of the year for barra approaching the three weirs are starting to produce some very nice fish. Without doubt the afternoon has been the best time to have your lure in the water and fishing into the night is also proving successful. Long casts with medium to large shallow minnow lures imparted with a slow twitching action is seeing rods bent and screaming drags. Lures such as the larger Koolabung live baits, Cultiva Savoy minnows and the range of Strada Trackas in natural green or white colours are proven producers.

There is some very large fish in all of the three weirs and it is recommended that you upgrade your hooks and rings on all lures and use a heavy leader. The owner trebles in the ST66 style are like kryptonite as they are just about impossible to straighten whilst being extremely sharp. We run a hook up grade service in the store so any of your lures which are in need of new hooks they can be fitted with an owner ST66 treble and owner hyper wire split ring for $2.50 per hook and ring. Just simply drop them in and we can have them done as soon as possible.

With the barramundi starting to fire up many more are being caught while the average size is also on the increase. Casting lures is an entertaining way to target barra and fishing any of the southern creeks including Morrissey, Haughton & the Baratta’s is seeing great captures. Some nice Salmon are still being caught on slab baits and lures. The deeper water is proving to be more productive if you are chasing the salmon; both blue and threadfin. Closer to town the Bohle River is fishing well as some good jacks have been caught on live bait, small poddy mullet and live prawns are great baits. Blades like the Koolabung X-rays and Jackall Transams are working wonders on the jacks with a few other species including barra and salmon which are a welcome by catch in anyone’s books. There are still a few good buck crabs crawling around and it is well worth setting the pots over the weekend for a chance of a feed. The tides do look ideal for a spot of crabbing.

With less than ideal weather conditions only the brave few with strong stomachs ventured out and not very far from reports. Fishing the inshore reef and shoal areas were the more common option and captures ranged from smaller nannygai and coral trout whilst trevally were persistent in taking anglers lines intended for more desirable species. In terms of mackerel the Spanish and smaller doggies are thinning out slightly although it is still well worth a troll. Larger red emperor and nannygai have been caught by anglers which have been lucky enough to get out there and target them, the bigger fish coming from the shallow water although usually in lower numbers.

More numbers are hitting the decks when dropping baits into deeper water at proven spots along with a few spangled emperors as by catch. With another average
weekend predicted many fishermen would find the inshore spots and islands in the bay an option to wet a line. The rough to freighting conditions over the weekend didn’t help anglers fishing the Annual Billfish Challenge with only minimal fish tagged. Eventual winner with 2 sailfish and 2 marlin going to Skipper Luke Fallon’s boat “Kekoa” and the smaller boat category going the boys aboard “Electricusion” hope I got the spelling right. Well done to all that participated, it can only get better next year.

Larger morning tides and bucket full of good live bait at your favourite snag is a good option to secure a saltwater barramundi. For the many land based anglers grabbing a few proven barra lures and giving the weirs a good shot can prove very rewarding for your time out there on the water. Tide Times Full Moon: 12th September 2011

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