Weekly Report 10 Nov 11

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Weekly Report 10 Nov 11

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:05 pm

Many keen anglers are now targeting different species with success and the mangrove jack is a key species. The rocks below Aplins weir have been rewarding fishermen with good captures when small minnows and lightly weighted soft plastics are being cast and retrieved. Waking up early has been worth it with some good action happening just before sunrise, this is also a prime time to try and catch a mangrove jack on a surface lure which is a real buzz. Medium size poppers worked with a few continuous pops timed with a pause work well. The Bolt Ballistic popper is a favourite. Pallarenda is producing healthy numbers of flathead of late; most fish have been around the 45cm although it is not uncommon to stumble across some big flathead whilst catching the smaller ones. Using a soft plastic rigged on a slightly heavier jig head keeps the lure on the bottom much more while also allowing a further cast. Soft plastics with plenty of action are recommended and curl tail styles are proven fish catchers, just keep an eye out for the Shark Rays!!

Fishing the creeks have still been on the agenda for regular fishers and picking up a few fresh prawns then soaking them at local haunts is producing a bout of great bream fishing. Primarily the species is black bream which can get to decent size and they give a great account for themselves. Peeling the prawn bait and fished on a light running sinker rig is the ideal method when after the humble bream. Casting diving lures and blades is allowing for some steady jack fishing to be had as well. There is not many people that don’t enjoy a meal of mud crab and if you have a few crab pots yourself it’s a great way to get a few for the cooking pot. Recently good numbers of crabs have been crawling into pots and having fresh bait always seems to score a couple more numbers. Setting them at the front of gutters and underneath over hanging mangroves are ideal spots to throw your pots. Just keep in mind if you are going crabbing that you must display you name and address on both the crab pot and float.

Windy conditions have kept offshore anglers at bay although there have been a hand full of boats focusing their efforts around Magnetic Island and Cape Cleveland. Throwing soft plastics around the various headlands is seeing fingermark and some hefty golden trevally caught. Trolling hard body lures is also catching a few fish and generally the larger fish seem to take bigger lures when trolled down deep. Behind Magnetic Island scattered bait schools are seeing tuna having a ball and a smaller metal slice cast and retrieved at speed is a great technique to get the drag screaming. Birds are one of your best guides as to wear the bait and fish are. Birds will dive into the water to feed on the bait that is forced to the surface buy bigger feeding fish and this is the time when you want your lure in the water and speeding through the bait. Using a spin reel with a high speed ratio matched onto a longer rod allows for long casts and spooled with 30lb braided line is all that is needed to catch the majority of what you will encounter.

Larger tides would allow access to not normally fishable areas of the upper reaches of most creeks and fishing your way up with the tide chasing jacks should prove productive. Tide Times Full Moon: 11th November 2011

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