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Weekly Report 14 Dec 11

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:11 pm
by Brad
A few calmer mornings allowed for some land based fishing at Pallarenda with plenty of flathead being caught. Soft plastics are always liked by the flathead and a simple hopping retrieve back works wonders, the DOA range are all proven fish catchers. Some good size grunters are also being caught on the same soft plastics and are also great sport on lighter tackle. The ever popular lakes are providing anglers with plenty of fun when using small poppers chasing tarpon. Tarpon can often be seen rolling on the surface and casting a small popper or stick bait towards these rolling fish normally gets a strike within a few winds of the handle. They are very aerobatic in their large consecutive jumps in trying to throw the lure. A light leader around 12lb allows the surface lure to work better resulting in more strikes. Casting and retrieving a marabou jig is another lure that the tarpon love to eat.

With the recent rain around slowing the creek fishing down the anglers who have been persisting in certain techniques have still been seeing modest results. Casting slow sinking swim bait lures such as the Bolt Alive Chiro Shad 4.0 along fallen timber is seeing some nice jacks getting caught. Allowing the lure to sink alongside underwater logs and using a slow twitching retrieve is working well. Fishing the deeper holes with sinking vibes in both soft and hard variations is allowing for bigger fish to be targeted and some excellent size jacks have been caught of late with a couple of bigger cod also latching on to a passing lure. A strong run of grunter and some horse bream have made for enjoyable bait fishing and when on a good school of fish it can be highly productive with just about every line in the water catching a fish. Simply anchoring up on a shallow ledge in the current can see some action coming your way. Using baits like fresh squid and slab baits of mullet and gar are ideal and a 4/0 size hook with just enough weight to keep it on the bottom is fine. Those throwing the crab pots in are seeing good catches with the recent rain seeming to make them more active and hungry for a feed.

The closer reefs such as Keeper have proven productive for anglers and spearfishermen alike. Steady catches of coral trout are continuing to end up getting an esky ride home with a few red throat and spangled emperor being added to the mix as well. Putting in the effort and starting a good berley trail then floating a pilchard out the back on a gang hook will often see a few mackerel getting caught with cobia coming into the berley trail for a sniff around also. Recent reports have seen a few good reef jacks turning up with most over the 50cm mark. These are a great eating fish and look awesome if you are lucky enough to catch one then make sure the camera is out for a photo. Inshore consistent reports of fingermark being caught are still flowing in with some absolute brutes being landed one which measured 105cm! Fingermark are one of the slowest growing fish in the sea and releasing the bigger ones is a great practice whilst only keeping a few smaller specimens that are destine for the dinner plate.

With some nasty conditions on the forecast for the weekend spending a day bait fishing up the creek looks like one of the better options whilst throwing in the crab pots too.