Weeky Report 24 Feb 12

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Weeky Report 24 Feb 12

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:31 am

A change in conditions recently experienced has made fishing tough at times although some good catches have still been had. The most effective times to fish during the warmer months tend to be dawn, dusk and into the night. The casino break wall has been productive with good catches of barramundi, tarpon and some healthy trevally. The run in tide timed with sunset is when you should be casting your lures around with the bite time generally continuing until the top of the tide. Casting sinking vibes like the very effective Strada Senseye has been catching the majority of fish when jigged along the rocks until they start to drop off. Larger tarpon have also been providing a heap of fun with energetic jumps and leaps as they try to throw your lure. The Lakes have turned up some good fish with anglers bait fishing landing good numbers of bream and a few good legal size mangrove jacks jumping in as well. Baits such as peeled prawn and live herring have been the go and rigged on about a 4/0 wide gape will do the job nicely. Lure fishing with Koolabung blades has been catching fish also with the DOA CAL soft plastics rigged on a light jig head coming a close second. Using a slow hopping retrieve timed with pauses of a few seconds works fine once the lure has sunk to the bottom. I have found scents and attractants to be surprisingly effective when used on soft plastics and Ultrabite from Stimulate has to be one of my favourites simply apply to your lure every 15- 20 minutes and hang on!

The Hinchinbrook channel saw a few boats recently and from anglers reports in store and from our own fishing mixed reports were heard. Tough fishing on some days and excellent on others kept anglers guessing and sure gave the tackle box of lures a good sort through. Generally in the creeks fish were found on certain banks at one stage of the tide and not through the rest of the day making finding fish from the start difficult. Casting soft plastics and shallow diving minnows at mud gutters on the run out tide saw Barra landed with the average size being 60-70cm. Fishing in the snags rewarded anglers with a few legal jacks and casting slow sinking plastics was getting the most attention. South of Townsville systems like the Haughton and Morrissey’s have kept bait fishermen happy with good catches of grunter, bream and some nice blue salmon throughout the day. Using live bait such as mullet has seen some good Barra landed with some fish pushing into triple digits gracing brag mats and don’t be afraid of big baits either with the larger mullet generally getting the biggest Barra this time of year.

Reasonably calm mornings have allowed for a few hours of quick fishing in the bays and surrounding headlands with some nice fish landed in particular fingermark have been the main species on the menu. A method that has been adopted by many keen fishermen of late and for good reason is jigging soft plastics for these fish and this has been an effective method in recent times. Larger queenfish have been caught as well in similar areas and more often around spots with more current flow. Casting poppers on light spin tackle is great fun when targeting queenfish as the strikes are very visual and the fights include leaps high out of the water and long screaming runs. Further out the coral trout have still been in healthy numbers and they haven’t been too fussy taking both baits and jigs. Anglers targeting the many wrecks offshore reported slower fishing with only a few trevallies getting caught and little action found for the day. Dropping you leader size normally increases your chances of hooking weary fish on popular fished areas.

Targeting the creeks casting lures after a mangrove jack and a Barra with smaller tides should prove productive. Also using simple prawn bait chasing a few bread and butter species with the kids will provide and entertaining day.

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