Weekly Report 8 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 8 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:55 pm

The three weirs ; Dan Gleeson’s, Aplin’s and Blacks have all been consistent with the fish being caught and it has improved in this week with the lead up to the full moon. Surface lures cast at night have been getting good bites and in the day time casting and retrieving shallow diving minnows has been productive. There has also been some nice flathead turning up and the beach between the Black and Bohle rivers is a great spot to start flathead fishing. Small mangrove trees and deeper gutters make ideal flathead habitat and they are quite an easy fish to catch taking both bait and lures readily. Small soft plastics rigged on a medium weight jig head are fine and in terms of colours make sure you have pink. Anglers walking the smaller freshwater creeks are catching some nice jacks and casting small surface stick baits has had the most success. By catch of jungle perch has been encountered also and these make great sport with jumps and very visual strikes of the lure.

Barra reports seemed a little quiet in the creeks as anglers only managed a few fish for the day and most being small. The most action was found by pushing right up the creeks targeting drains and areas of sunken timber. Using surface lures like fizzers and poppers caught fish and some nice jacks were also managed in the upper reaches. Towards the mouth of the creeks and rivers great reports were heard of flathead in quality and quantity. At the lower tide areas to fish become more obvious such as drains and sand drop offs with deeper water not far away. Baits like yabbies and peeled prawn are old favourites when targeting flathead and they are a reasonable table fish also. Lures work great for flathead especially soft plastics and the DOA CAL range are proven fish catches. Blades and small divers also work well and will generally produce fish once you have caught a few on the softies.

From the few boats that headed out conditions were reported less than ideal and the fishing was similar. Boats trolling lures found it a little quieter with a few mackerel landed and wahoo caught fishing further out towards the shelf in deeper water. Trolling diving lures such as the Strada Origin Series have been accounting for a few fish. For those using baits on the bottom average numbers of red fish were landed among by catch which included spangled emperor, long nose emperor, Chinaman fish and various trevally species. Reasonable numbers of coral trout were however caught which made the better part of quiet trips out. If you can use a bait jig and get a bucket full of live baits then they have been excellent in catching a good haul of fish. Everything will eat a livie including coral trout, red emperor, nannygai and just about anything that is hungry.

With large tides, fishing the run out to the low tide at creek mouths targeting a few flathead should be a good option. Try casting a soft plastic around also as you can have great success on these lures.

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