Weekly Report 15 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 15 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:24 am

Similar fishing has been experienced by many anglers of late with a bit of rain keeping the weirs flowing and catches consistent. Fishing the weirs can be tricky and sometimes hard to find a pattern as one day you will catch them and the next come home with doughnuts. When lure fishing try changing between various lure styles and colours as you will often find one particular lure will work considerably better than others on the day. The lakes have been showing fishermen a bit of fun with plenty of smaller Barra taking surface lures in the late arvo and early morning. I find surface stick baits that ‘walk the dog’ work great and a favourite is the Cultiva Zip n ziggy. When using surface lures a lighter leader will give them a better action and allow them to work effectively. For those that enjoy live baiting the Causeway has produced some good fish recently with barramundi, mangrove jacks and a few nice flathead getting caught. Live herring are great bait to be using and cast out in the calmer flow of water is generally the better area. Pin your bait on a 3/0 wide gap hook and you should be in for some fun, the run in tide has been a more successful time as well.

Big tides recently have made the fishing a little difficult with the water becoming dirty and fish a little hard to find. Creeks such as Morrissey’s have been producing a few to lure fishers when targeting run off drains and shallower snags. One tip when casting lures in dirty water is to use bright colours and lures with a rattle as this will often attract the fish towards striking. The Hinchinbrook channel has had a bit of rain which made the fishing slower with plenty of fresh scattering the fish and bait throughout the system. Focusing on the many drains at the low tide has been turning up a few fish. If you are heading up there though I have good information that you must not forget the raincoat!! A plus to the rain around is that the crabbing has improved considerably, good size bucks are getting caught with not too many floaters either. Setting your pots around the mouths of creeks and on the flats has been the go.

Only a few larger boats ventured out to sea with the forecast conditions and from reports the fishing was good. Dropping baits in the deeper water saw top catches of large mouth nannygai with red emperor caught in the same session also. If you are targeting big red fish then using a hook of 8/0 to 10/0 in a suicide or circle style is recommended matched up with a good amount of bait. Large slab or squid baits are the go and a favourite is cuttlefish heads for their toughness and size. Good catches of red throat emperor are turning up as well when fishing the shallows and jigging soft plastics has been catching them also. Coral trout are making their presence known and the bait fishermen have enjoyed good fishing on these excellent table fish. Inshore healthy numbers of doggie mackerel with the odd spanyid have been caught when anglers are fishing the shipping channel with pilchard bait.

It looks like this weekend might be a wet one any chance of dropping in a line could be done land based at the Causeway or the Lakes. Chasing a few fish casting around surface lures should see some form of action towards the afternoons.

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