Weekly Report 23 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 23 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:00 pm

We have experienced some good rain in the past week which has flooded the local creeks and rivers and turned up some reasonable fishing for those in the right areas. Anglers fishing the headlands including Pallarenda have caught nice barramundi with some fish reaching near the metre mark landed. Bigger live mullet set on the high tide and larger shallow diving lures cast and retrieved are two successful methods to land a barra. The water can become quite dirty with the run off at present and using a lure in a brighter colour with a rattle will produce better results. A great lure is the Srada Tera 125 as they have a vibrant colour range with an extremely loud rattle and come standard with VMC trebles ready for any larger fish. It is hard not to mention the weirs as they are such a successful spot when they are flowing as many anglers catch their personal best barra at this time of year. Sinking soft vibes and larger paddle tail soft plastics generally the more successful lures to be using and live baits such as herring are also a safe option. With so many fisherman in the same area it is important to use a little fishing etiquette and work together so we can all have a great time doing what we love best…. Fishing!

There is plenty of run off at the moment in the creeks and rivers making fishing a little more difficult. Targeting gutters and drains are your best option for a fish when the tide is running out. Parking up and using live baits is a good technique to score a few larger fish, whilst casting lures generally gets the numbers of small to medium size fish. Further north the Hinchinbrook channel might be out of reach due to the roads, but casting lures at the northern end around newly fallen snags and areas of increased run off can produce great results. When fishing on a day of sunshine and hot weather following a previous wet day is an excellent time to catch a barra as this change will make them a lot more active. This time of year can be hit and miss though as you can have a ripper of a session and then the next day struggle to get a bite it is simply a matter of getting out there and giving it your best shot.

Surprisingly enough steady reports have been filtering in of doggie and smaller Spanish mackerel getting caught around the bay and shoals areas. Trolling a smaller diving lure has been working well when looking for the fish as a bit of ground can be covered while still being a chance of hooking something. Another method is to anchor up and use pilchards as bait on gang hooks, this can produce a bit more variety with golden trevally, fingermark and even cobia caught while using this method. In similar areas around Magnetic island and close by headlands fingermark have been landed on the very effective method of jigging soft plastics. Large numbers have not been caught although bigger rogue fish are being encountered and usually when a few hours are put in fishing a single area.

Picking up a few lures and fishing the land based areas targeting Barra around town is a good option. On the flip side fishing the creeks with a bucket full of good live baits after a bigger fish should produce the goods.

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