Weekly Report 31 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 31 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:17 pm

Many anglers have been experiencing some great catches lately with the stable weather bring the fish on the bite. Local hot spots such as the Lakes and the Break wall are producing nice fish with barramundi proving the most common. Casting soft plastics around the many drains and any structure is a great way to get a few fish. Towards the late afternoon casting a surface lure provides plenty of fun with strikes coming from tarpon, Barra and even a few jacks. I have heard of some decent catches of flathead on the northern beaches with Balgal and Saunders being the pick of the spots. If you are fishing for flathead with either bait or lures the same principle of keeping your presentation on the bottom applies. This will result in plenty more attention from any flathead in the area. These beaches are great areas for land based fishing with the family as there is heaps of room to fish throughout the day. Easily accessible and with a toilet block at each, they aren’t a bad spot for Easter camping.

In the past weeks weather has been ideal for chasing a Barra or two. Good catches have flowed in from keen anglers out there giving it a go. Lure fishing the creeks has been productive with healthy numbers of barramundi willingly jumping on lures put into the right spot. Try looking for areas with lighter current flow onto a bit of structure as the fish will often hide in the structure waiting for passing prey. A lure that dives to a depth of around 2 metres will work well when twitched on the retrieve. There are not many fishers that don’t mind a good feed of crabs and there has been excellent catches reported recently. Setting your pots out over the Easter break should see a few crabs crawl in for a snack and towards the mouths of creeks and rivers have been the better spots. Fresh bait is always better and setting the pots for a few hours can improve your chances of success. Just keep in mind that your crab pot and float have to be marked correctly.

Clear skies and reasonable seas have definitely improved the bay fishing with smaller doggie mackerel, various trevallies, queenfish and tuna getting caught. Having a small metal slice rigged up will catch all of these species when cast and retrieved at high speed through any bait schools on the surface. This is great fun as you get long fast runs from these species, especially the tuna. The bottom fishing has been exceptional when able to get out to the reef plenty of large mouth nannygai reports flowing in. When they are firing it is not uncommon for every line in the water to be getting a touch up. In the shallower water coral trout numbers are still healthy with some cracker red throat emperor being landed as well. Using fresh bait on a simple dropper rig is enough to land yourself a few nice table fish on the reef. Out further there has also been a few Spanish mackerel taking trolled lures and a bait school towards the surface is top spot to troll around if you are targeting mackerel. One of the best colours for mackerel has to be red with black stripes; Strada and Halco both produce a lure with these colourings.

Getting out over the Easter break targeting a few bread and butter species with the family should get some action. Weather permitting fishing the bay and shoals should see a few pelagic species landed and hopefully plenty of screaming drags!

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