Weekly Report 3 May 12

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Weekly Report 3 May 12

Post by Brad » Thu May 03, 2012 12:55 pm

Land based fishos are still getting amongst some good fish at local areas with the Casino break wall producing healthy catches. Try fishing the break wall in the morning as it is usually calmer and there is a better chance of getting a bite from a Barra in the rocks. If you are there on sunrise there is also a good chance of catching a few fish on a surface lure such as a popper or stick bait. The low light of early morning will get the fish being a little more willing to strike on the surface. Anglers going to the Causeway off Boundary Street are having a ball landing plenty of nice fish including bream, grunter, jacks and a few Barra as well. Dead baits like prawn are better suited for bream and grunter while live baits such as herring and poddy mullet put you in with a better chance for a Barra or a mangrove jack. Lures will work equally as well as bait and even better at times and soft plastics are ideal to be used at the causeway. Rigging your chosen soft plastics on a weighted hook then allowing it to sink then imparting a hopping retrieve back works great as it imitates a bait fish that is wounded and asking for trouble. Pallarenda is also turning up some good action with the flathead bite still fairly consistent along with a few small Barra getting caught in the creeks.

The creeks were fishing quite well over the past week of neap tides with a few little changes in your lure choice getting a lot more action. When casting lures into structure such as fallen trees and rocks a few more casts were needed to get the attention and produce a strike from resident fish. Using a diving hard body that suspends which means it doesn’t float or sink will increase your bites as cranking it down and letting it sit in the strike zone for longer makes it hard for the fish not try and eat it! Areas like Morrissey’s creek were fishing well for Barra when using this technique. For the many bait fishers the Bohle River is producing good grunter at the mouth on fresh prawns and slab baits. When targeting grunter on bait a rod with a soft tip is a must as the bite can be very tentative and letting the fish take the bait will ensure a solid hook up, this is when a bait runner reel works great as well. Good crabbing is also been had from those dropping the pots in and as always fresh bait certainly makes a difference.

Bay fishing for finger-mark is going well and dropping the boat in for a quick few hours of fishing has shown anglers red hot action. The pelagic action has started to heat up with queenfish, mackerel and trevally all willing to strip the line off your favourite reel. Trolling diving lures is the easiest way to get a few of these fish on the boat especially around current lines, bait balls and underwater structure. If you have a hook up on a rod trolling and once you have stopped try casting a large popper around as this can draw some very impressive surface strikes. Offshore the shoals behind Magnetic Island have been fishing well for large mouth nannygai when using bait. Big slab baits draw the attention from any big fish around and will last a bit longer if the smaller pickers are in force. It is not uncommon to hook some massive cod on these larger baits so having a 50lb set up is recommended as you can be left guessing after easy bust offs on lighter gear.

Big tides and a full moon this weekend should have the fish active and hungry, so fishing the smaller creeks which are normally inaccessible on smaller tides should see some fish getting landed. Areas like Sand-fly creek and Cape Cleveland are well worth targeting.

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