Weekly Report 25 May 12

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Weekly Report 25 May 12

Post by Brad » Fri May 25, 2012 10:34 pm

There has been some nice fishing of the break walls and along the beaches in the calmer parts of the day which are generally the morning. Smaller speedsters like trevally and queenfish have been the main species getting caught along with the odd larger one. These fish can often be seen smashing into smaller bait and this is when a surface lure works well cast and retrieved at speed. If the strikes are missed on the surface lure then a small soft plastic worked through should ensure a hook up. Anglers targeting land based areas along the Ross River have come across some cracker mangrove jacks with good size fish getting landed on live baits. Areas such as Aplins Weir, Bowen Road Bridge and Rooney’s bridge are all producing nice fish. Getting set up and fishing sun set and into the night is your best chance of catching a few fish. The bridges provide great structure to attract bait and larger predatory fish so casting your live bait as close as possible to the pylons will give any fish lurking in the structure an easy meal. Having a tight drag and good gear will ensure you will land more fish than you lose, a 30lb line class is recommended.

The creeks had a lot of pressure over the weekend and mixed results were reported with certain areas producing great fishing whilst others were quiet. Rivers like the Haughton fished reasonably well with Barra being the main target and anglers fishing known areas managed to land a few fish. There has also been some nice salmon getting caught of the threadfin and blue species in the creeks. Slab baits fished on the run out tide is a good way to get a few nice blue salmon at any creek mouth. If you are chasing a few of the larger threadfin or king salmon using live bait works much better and in particular live prawn or herring are excellent baits. Deeper holes around creek mouths and junctions are better spots for threadfin salmon and the top of the high tide around the turn are ideal times to get a few bites. Also jigging soft vibes like the Transam can score a few fish when worked through likely areas. The creeks and rivers have also seen a good run of black or pikey bream and the humble old prawn baits on a 1/0 hook is certainly enough to catch a swag of these top fish.

Consistent windy conditions have hampered most off shore fishing efforts which has left many keen for the next spell of decent weather. Around the headlands the mackerel have been more prolific with numbers of smaller Spanish mackerel in the 6-10kg range getting caught on trolled lures and baits. The bigger Spaniards which are a favourite fish to chase for many winter anglers shouldn’t be far off the inshore areas around Cape Cleveland with the next reasonable weather allowing to target them. Bigger baits and lures will attract the bigger fish when trolling and I have found that jigging on top of marked fish will also get a bite. The tuna should start to become more prolific also with the cooler water attracting them inshore and feeding on the many bait schools about. It’s all looking good for the few months ahead so just cross your fingers and toes for some good weather.

With the weather restricting any efforts out from the creeks and rivers chasing a few salmon in the creeks would be a good plan. Getting a few proven lures and some good live bait and fishing the high tide should see some action.

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